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afinutes of the regular meetisg of the <br />Council of the Village of Edina, held <br />&n Granhe Hall on January 23, 1933, at a P% <br />The meeting vas called to order by Presiden% HcGuire, the roll <br />vas called and all members of the Council nere present except <br />'frtastee Prsscatt, <br />It vas n&ed Rebanrs that adoancos be made 'i;o Xarahalla and the read cren for .labar as indicated <br />seconded YKllscm and carried. <br />1% ims moved by VUlsan %hat bill of Carl O~SQ~ in ~W~QIIXIL $30,98 <br />far groceries fur~shed the poor on order of Tillage Trustee, <br />be paid, secanded Reimann and carried, <br />the 'faoak by the ROCQrderL <br />I <br />Trustee Vfils~n maveB the payment sf bill in mount $30Qa00 by l,!bnesata, Tree Ser'Oicep for lahar shaping and pruning all. trees <br />iln Parlmays of CQugatry Club District, which was secanded by Eoare <br />ad carried, <br />The Treasurep presented certificate by the Pirat National Bank <br />of Xinneagalis ah~nin&f legal ccELatera1 deposited by the EarrFet State Bank of Asinnespslis to secure funds on deposit by the <br />YiIlage of Ed-, vhereupon it vas maved Reirnaxm that the Sewer <br />Bonds of the Yillage of Edba in amounk $3,500.00 behg 6*s due Xanrussry X9 1934 b am~unfi $i1,O0O10O, January 1, 1935 in mount <br />~l,OOQ,OQf- January l, 1936 in amount $l,OOOeOO and Jamry l9 3-93? <br />in amam% .$5QQ.QQ, deposited wi%h the Pirst, Xational Bank of XLm- ea-polis as trustee to secure deposits of the Vi,lfage of Edim <br />ath. the EZarriet State Bank of 3Xirmeapalis, be accepted and approved, <br />seccmied by Villsan and carriedo (Duly placed in the vau€t) <br />GanaeUed and paid Village of Edina Lateral Sewer District #l, <br />wafmm+is KQ~ 1 and Xo, 2# for $500000, each, were presenked by <br />%he Tillage Treasurer, duly examined and placed in the vault. <br />Treasurer also presented cancelled" and pafd rrizrrants issued by <br />the TSilLage of Edina for improvements in the Fairvay Section as <br />f onoras, Sanitary Smer nos, 13, 14$ 15 &: 16, tatal $2,000.00 <br />Storm Sewer, 3bs. 22, 239 24, 25, 26, 27 and 28, <br />Lata1 $39500,00 <br />I eatal $41;00C).QO*6 :h%OgatBaf.--aitPz- cancelled arid paid <br />interest cuponso briwing the Thorpe Bras, Fairway SectZan acccsu& up to date* (DuIY pIaced im vaule) <br />'I <br />CUZT~ G73ttar3 NOS. 19, 20, 210 229 239 24, 25 & 269 <br />Messrs Hibr'&zel and Ltuldbbad, of the Edim Oarage, presented bill <br />for storage and other Police car mraices Vrkrich had been disputed <br />by the CauraciX, After careful going over the entire account, . same i%em being stricken out and others reduced in asnaunt, it <br />was moved Reimam, fthizt tlie:,swn 02 $59,85 be rzlloved the Edina <br />Garage, Bcos in full settlemen% of allaccaunts te da.E;e, mothn <br />seconded by Tillson and carrieds <br />Tae. reluctance of the First Natiomal Bank- of Xinneaplfs either legal collateral or bond to the Tillage of Edina, to aecux'e <br />Vfllage deposits in said First Batiortal Bank, 1778s discussed by the <br />Council whereupoz Trustee Willson offered the follaving sesofutio~l <br />and moved its adoption <br />to faz%ish <br />I "Resolved that the Bidland Rational Bank and Trust Campamy <br />of XhxeapoXis, be.and is hereby selected and designated <br />as a depository of funds for Sanitary Sever, S%orm Sever <br />Curb and Gutter, Fairway Section, Country Club District, <br />of the Village of Edina, for the periad of this date and <br />endirrig December 31, 1933, on the execation by such bank <br />of a sufficient bond to the Village sf Edim, or the furno <br />ishisag of legal cc41latieral in an amount sufficient ts 10% <br />in excess of the maxim s~xm deposited, said band or said colhteral to be approved by the Council sf the Village of <br />Edina and filed in %he office of the Village Recorder or in the event of legal collateral beiag furnished in lieu <br />(Resolution continued page 230)