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Wfiutes of the regular meeting of the C~undl. <br />a€ the Pillage of Edina, held ail Eay 8, 1933, <br />in Grange Hall at 8 PE, <br />The meeting mas called to order by President NTEGuire, the roll <br />called and ala members of the Council Tiere found present except <br />Trustee Prescott, <br />Kr Kestertom, 5404 Yclrk Avenue, appeared before the Cmane%Z with the request that Vest 54th Street between York and Xerxes Avenue formerly the old Einaehab Creek bed, be opened tip for traffic, <br />On ~~ti~n Easre,the matter be refered to the Road eC Bridge Cmmittee <br />for inveatfga$ion and report seconded Reimam, and carriedo <br />Ur Harvey UDean, 4800 srance Avenue9 vas present fm? the purpose <br />of explainihg the situatioa ni$h respect to the erection of a gaa- oline bulk atatlorn on the E.pT, b S RR Connpanyts siding in the Industrial area, on w~hid~ work had been s%ccpped because proper authority had not been obtained,and far the further reasan there. <br />was violation of the Village Ordinance governing bulk oil statToms. After considerable discussion ~~-ID~BEL, at the suggestion of Recorder <br />Eciore, agreed to take up with the railroad %he matter of submitting <br />a defiaate plan for the future use and developi-ient of this Indust- rial. areaband t0 again appear before the Council at an early meeting, <br />I <br />Nesars me, I-Iansom and Austin, presented a petxition signed by all the residents of Sunnyside Road gest ~f Bravaadale Avenue and others, <br />requesting that Ehe $k+%-ehtrance OB Stsnnyslde Raad at Highway #5, be officially closed on account of the street beiag bath mrrm <br />and iviading and thaha%rbn ac.eocmt of fast through traffic there ex- <br />isted a constance hazard to children li~ing o@ this streeto ]Ct <br />17as moved Xoore, that the petition be accepted and refered to the Village Attarney with the idea in miad to gsazar %'ne petition, seconded <br />by Reimann amd carried. <br />EIIss Margaret Eewberg *wbisedi< Coumil 8s the sdrmibtstr~~tar for one Nary ITewberg, that the Nev~be-ry property on which tho Village <br />-Loo1 house is located, qaa';for sale and hoped the Council would be iats-rested in the purchase 03 same for Village purposes,, <br />Application in form for building permit by R,E.Bemarat, to erect <br />a private dv~elli~g <br />'2-117 Mrth Range 21 Vest, was an motion Yiii17Lson be granted, sac- <br />mded Reimann and carried, <br />I <br />on the Vest 13* acres of Lot- 8, Section 30, <br />Application in form by Leonard Hamon to build a 20 x 22 f-b private <br />garage on Lot BlscI:,l, Seeleyts lst, Additioa, vas on motion Willson be granted, seconded Reilnann and carriede <br />App1icatian in; form %or building permit by hton BUOBS, to build <br />a, private dwelling on Lot 6 Block 19 Fairway CCB wzs OD mslicsm by <br />Reimam, it be granted, seconded VilZson and carrieds <br />Dr LovmP1 PB, Campbell, Village Health Officer, reported to the Cauncil an the matter of Village Clean tip, stati~g over 75 track <br />loads of mbbish had been collected and disposed of', We also advised <br />with reference to the unsanitary condition of the VIE =ah1 premises <br />-c -and was advised the C~.wna:iL,vsould stand behied him in the order of The Health Commissioner to clean up, Dr CzmpbeU. also reported on <br />the m Upton of Fuller Street case as well zs Nr Harmmica living <br />near tbc Blake Road, <br />T~aa8arcd Ruggan-presented certificate by the Federal Reserve Eank <br />of Niwneapo3is, shawing deposit of legal collateral Ery the Uidl&nbl <br />National Bank &- Trust Campany consisting of $6,000,00 in City of <br />nclinneapolis 'Perrmmemt Improvement Csmtrnction bowds due <br />August I, T~933~ pleged to secure funds of the Village of Ediaa, 011 deposit with the said Nidland National Bamk & Trust Company, where <br />upon it 17as moyed Reimams the same be hereby approvsd and accepted, <br />secanded V'TilLson and Carriede <br />I <br />.(Above certificate duEy placed in Village vault)