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I18 <br />Einutes of the regular meeting of <br />the Cauncil of the Village of Edim, <br />held in Grange Hall1 on October 10, 1938, at 8 o'clock PX, <br />The'meeting vas called ta order By President Sharpe, the roll <br />called and all members of the Council mere present, <br />ESirmtes of the regular meeting of the Ccrtxncil held on September <br />26, 1938, vere read. On matiova Hohten, they be approved as <br />read, seconded by Bilkson and carried, <br />The miscellaneous bills upon befng duliy examined and found correct <br />mere on motion Halterr, they be duly allowed and ordered paid, <br />seconded by Prescatt , and carried, They are as folloms: <br />Laura Dirks VPA Sewing proseqt. krgnsportatfpn:. $12.00 <br />Pockrant Lumber Co Lmber R&B 7.80 <br />City of Einneapolis Ere Dept serviice 11.42 <br />Hennepin County Welfare July and August Relief 712 .?5 <br />City of ZErmneapolis Police car radio service 15 010 <br />Einneapolis G.- E, Co <br />S, A, Danens & Saa Justis Lumber Cs Borey's Shell Station <br />Rennepin County Reviem Edina Hardware <br />Thorpe Bros, <br />Wooddale Grocery <br />Blackburn,Nickels & <br />Smith <br />PSinneapalis-Eoliae <br />Power Imp. CO <br />Lyle Culvert Co <br />AXex Cr eight on <br />Sliller-Davis Co %iller 8c Son Simon Strand <br />Republi <br />August electric service <br />Gas ShOQt?l hire <br />Lumber Greasing truck <br />l?rin.f;iHmg & Published notice <br />Road & Bridge hardmre <br />October rent Tract Office 6c phone <br />Gas for R&B <br />Insurance premium <br />S.t;eel for 3' 44th St bridge <br />Raad culverts <br />195 days Village Assessor (19381 <br />553.76 <br />304.64 <br />5.40 <br />3.45 <br />7020 <br />13.,06 <br />12.10 <br />40,66 <br />25e92 <br />81.00 <br />57.92 <br />975 ,oo <br />Office- supplies 4005 <br />New Lawn mower, less tradein 15 000 Rent tool shed to 10/15 15.00 <br />T ,rl.Rosholt Co Grader r eszt a1 191.00 <br />E. Bo Harris Gas for RB and Police car 133.13 <br />Lyle Sngns, Imc Road signs 20,85 City of UQjneapolis Shortage fa payment September ,40 <br />c Cresasating Co Road tar for Arden Avenue 282.00 <br />Tatax Eiscl, d 3&mJ,34 <br />The Road and Village bills upon being duly examined and found correct, were on motian Prescott, they be duly allowed and ordered <br />paid, seconded by Halten, and carried. Xhey are its fallows: <br />Earl C. Sharpe <br />Ben B, Eoore <br />George A. %'illSon <br />C, 0. HGlten <br />C. 3. Prescott <br />5, Ja Duggan <br />Dr Lone11 E. Campbell <br />T. E, Tilly <br />Hilding Dahl W. S, Heydt <br />H. 5, Knudsen <br />S. J. Roberts <br />P. Dahlgren <br />John Tracy L. Stolzmn <br />R, Pwt E. Emley <br />Ralph Collier <br />Re E. .Olson <br />A, C, Stringer <br />. 0, Spande <br />Arthur Petersen <br />President of C o.v,dcil <br />Recorder Trustee Trustee Trustee <br />Treasurer <br />Village Health Officer <br />Village Basshall <br />Police Officer <br />Police Officer Street Comm3.s s ianer <br />Utility man <br />Tract or operator <br />Asst, Tractor Operator <br />Asst, Raad Fsremn <br />Road labor <br />Raad labor <br />ESan and team labor <br />Use of Ford V8 truck <br />Acct, Road & Bridge <br />Park labor <br />$50 000 <br />90 000 <br />35 000 <br />35 .OO 35.00 <br />25.00 <br />30 000 <br />155000 <br />135 .oo <br />135mOO <br />150 -00 <br />135 000 <br />130 ,OO <br />l20.00 <br />103.20 <br />90 000 <br />138.00 <br />51.8'7 <br />75.25 <br />92000 <br />25.00 <br />Garbage Collection 275 id0 Tatax Rd. & Vil, 8 2,110.32 <br />Q .