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Einutes of the recessed <br />portion of the regular <br />Septmeber 23, 1940 meeting <br />of the Council duly held on <br />October 7, 19401 in Grange <br />Hall at 8:OO o'clock P.M. <br />--Resolution ordering sidewalk-- <br />adopt ion : <br />Recorder offered the following resolution and moved its <br />Whereas, the Village Council has been petitioned by the owner of <br />property fronting on the south side of West 50th Street and the. <br />East side af Yooddale Avenue, for the construction of sidewalk <br />at said location; now, therefore, <br />Be it resolved, by the Village Council 03 the Village of Edina, <br />that it is necessary and expedient to construct a sidewalk on the <br />south side of West 50th Street and the east side of Wooddale Ave, <br />upon and along the property of said petitioner as hereinafter <br />described;' that such sidewalk shall be five (5j feet in width and <br />cQnstructed .in accordance with standard Village side@%lk specific- <br />ations adoyted OctoBer 7th 1940, and now on file with the Village <br />Clerk;.the Village Engineer is hereby directed to set stakes <br />designating the exact location of said walk. <br />parts of lots, and parcels of graund fronting the streets where. <br />said walk is to 'be constructed, is as follows: <br />Be it further resolved, that the name of the awner of all lots, <br />- -Name of owner-- -Description of property- <br />Church of St. Stephen Commencing at the WFI corner of Sq; thence Ely along the No <br />line thereof 393 feet; thence <br />S parallex with VI line thereof <br />97 center line of Kim- <br />ehaha Creek to m line of 5@$; <br />thence N to beginning, except <br />street, Section 18, Township <br />28, Hange 24. <br />Be it further resolved., that the petitioner having waived all <br />notices required by law before construction of said sidewalk by <br />the Village, that the Street Cammissioner is directed to proceed <br />immediately with the construction of said sidewalk by Vorks <br />Progress Administration day labor, and that the cost of materials <br />shall be assessed against the above described property in Lhree <br />(3) annual installments, as authorized by Chapter 167, Laws of <br />1901. <br />The mation to adapt was seconded by Trustee Irgens and the vote <br />was upon the question crf the adoption af the resolution, wherein <br />there mere five ayes and no nays as follows: Irgens aye, 'GJillson <br />aye, Wyatt aye, Moare aye, and Westerberg aye, and so the resolution <br />was ado@ted. <br />Ee,' <br />T- . <br />Attest: <br />-9 Vidlage Recarder <br />0-Resolutian ordering sidewalk-- <br />Trustee Irgens offered the following resolution and moved its <br />adoption t