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24 <br />Eiulutes of the recessed @ortion of <br />the regular September 22, 1941, <br />meeting of the Council of the Village <br />of Edina, duly held in Grange Hall on <br />October 6, 1941, at 8:OO O'C~OCB p. m. <br />The meeting was called to order by the President, the roll <br />called and all members of the Council were present. <br />Village Engineer Bradley presented plans and estimated costs <br />for the improvement of West half of France Avenue from \'Jest <br />49th to Vest 51St Streets, in total amount of $8,566.40, <br />after study and discussion of the matter Irgens moved that <br />due notice of hearing on the improvement be held, seconded <br />by Noore, the vote was upon the question of the adoption of <br />the resolution, wherein there were five ayes and no nays <br />and thereupon declared duly passed and adopted. <br />Trustee Irgens moved that bids be called for in the improve- <br />ment of the West half of France Avenue fram West 49th to Tfest <br />51st Streets as per plans, and specifications of Village <br />Engineer Bradley, seconded by Trustee Willson. The vote was <br />upon the question of the adoption of the resolution wherein <br />there were five ayes and no nays and so the motion was <br />declared duly passed and adopted. <br />- <br />I- <br />M2. S. E. Cardarelle resubmitted the proposed surveyor's <br />plot of Edgemoor Addition, which had approval of Village <br />Engineer Bradley and Road and Bridge Committee. After <br />discussion and study by the Council Eoore moved the proposed <br />plat of Edgemoor Addition be duly accepted and approved and <br />that the President and Recorder be duly authorized and <br />erngowered to sign and seal same for and in behalf of the <br />Village Council, seconded by Vlillson and carried. <br />Study and discussion was had on the subject of Village <br />budget for the ensuing year and was tentatively set at ->88,950 <br />for all Village purposes with further study to be given later. <br />The hour of 1:OO A. M. having arrived the President declared <br />the meeting recessed to meet again at the same time and <br />place at the call of the President. <br />Village Recorder