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Einutes of the regular meeting <br />of the Council of the Village of <br />Edina, duly held in Grange Hall <br />on October 27, 1941, at 8:OO <br />o'clock P. X <br />I <br />The meeting 8as called to order by the President, the roll called and all members of the Council mere present. <br />fdinutes of the regular meeting of The Council held on October 13, <br />1941, and the recessed portion of the same meeting duly held on <br />October 14, 1941, mere rea&. On motion Willson they be approved <br />as read, seconded by Irgens and carried. <br />The 'Police &Road crew pay advances having been carefully noted <br />and found correct, were on motion Irgens, they be duly alloved and ardere'd paid, seconded Willson and carried . <br />After discussion it mas moved by Wyatt, that Village Engineer <br />Bradley's estimste for final payment for costs of constructing <br />water mains of Ylatermain Impraveinent Nm. 1, be approved, and <br />check in amount $7866.44 be dravm against V'atermain Improvet?lent <br />Ucc. 1 fund, in favor of Sarnett 62 Record Company and in full of all acco~nts, as per contract, seconded by Eoore and carried. <br />It was moved by Noore that bill of B. E. Bradley in amount. <br />'52521.00, in final payment in full for all engineering seraices <br />of Uatermain Improvement Eo. 1, be duly allowed and ordered <br />paid, secanded by Vyatt and carried. <br />Trustee, Willson offered the folloming resolution and moved its <br />,adoption : <br />BX IT REJOLV%DD, by the Village Council of the Village of Edina,, <br />ITennepin County, Einnesota, as folloms : <br />1. The Engineer heretofore duly selected by this Council for <br />such purpose has, with the assistance oT Alex Creighton, cal- <br />culated the proper amounts to be specially assessed for the <br />construction of sewers in Semer District Bo. 8 of said 'Tillage, <br />against every assessable lot, piece or parcel of land nithin <br />said disirict; and has calculated the proper amounts to be spec- <br />ially ssaessed for the cost of securing an outlet to the trunk <br />line in Joint Sewer District No. 1 for the sewers in Sewer <br />liistrict Bo, 8, against every lot, piece or parcel of land aithin <br />said Sever District Bo. 8, not included within Joint Sewer <br />i'listrict EQ. 1, all in accordance viith the grovisions of lam, <br />and has prepared and filed with the Villase elerk tabulated <br />statements in duplicate showing the proper dGscription ai' each <br />and every lot, piece or parcel of land to be specially assessed <br />and the amount calculated against the same,. <br />I <br />2. Xotice has been duly published, as required by law, that <br />this Council sauld meet in regular session at this time and place <br />to pass on the proposed assessment. ' <br />3. Said proposed assessment has, at all times since its filing, <br />heen open to inspection and copying %y all persons interested <br />axid the opportunity has heen given to all interested persons to <br />.L ix?esent their objections, if any, to such proposed assessment, <br />or to any item thereof, and no objections have been filed. <br />of land enumerated in said groposed assessment was, and is, <br />specially benefited by the construction of said .sewer in 2ewe-r <br />+ District Ea. 8, in the amount in said proposed assessment set <br />opposite the description of each such lot, piece or parcel: of land respectively, and identified upon said proposed assessiilent <br />roll as YTo. 8", and that said amount so set out is hereby levied <br />against each of the respective lots, pieces or parcels of land <br />therein described; that each of the lots, pieces or parcels of <br />land enumerated in said proposed zssessment whithin said sewer <br />District Eo, 8, not included within Joint Sewer District UTO. I, <br />4. This Council finds that each of the lots, pieces or parcels