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69 <br />$inutes of the regular meeting of the Council <br />of the Village of Edina, duly held in Grange Hall <br />on June 89 1942, at 8.00 o'clock Poll* <br />The meeting was called to order by President Sharpe, the roll <br />called and all members of the Council were present. <br />Enutes of the regular meeting of the Council held on &y 25, <br />1942, and the recessed portion of the same meeting duly held on Bay 26, 1942, were read. On mcrtiom Trustee Yyatt, they <br />be approved as read, seconded by Gebo and carried. <br />The.President called for monthly reports wherean Chairman <br />Y?illson reported on Roads, Chairman Wyatt on Relief Chairman <br />Gebo on Police and Fire and Chairman Eoore on sewers and sewer <br />construction. Village Health Officer Dr Canpbell, was also <br />present and presented YillaBe Health problems and stated that <br />he was having 8iiffZii:r;alty in getting patients in the University <br />(County) Hospital, <br />Xr A. 1'J, Harris, and a group of residents living in the 5500 <br />black of Kellogg Avenue and Tooddale Avenue, were present to <br />object to further continuance of outside toilets in the <br />neighborhood. After discussion the President advised that <br />notices would be served to connect with the sanitary sewer. <br />The same group of residents were advised by Chairman Tfillson, <br />that on account of continued cold weather accompanied by much <br />rain, that no road oiling had been possible thus far this <br />season. <br />Attorney Loren Risk on behalf of and accompanied by a number <br />of residents in the vincinity of Ashcroft, 55th to 56th streets <br />appeared to object to the so called Hasselgren house being <br />moved into their neighborhood. Discussion was had and Hasselgren being present, stated he intended to install a full <br />basement under the house and to add two (2) bedrooms and to <br />paint the house at once. After further discussion President <br />Sharpe suggested thzt the neighbors appoint a committee to meet with Xngkneer Smith, Euilding Inspector Creighton and <br />interested others to work out a mutually satisfactory program, <br />The President read letter regarding the Fifth (5th) State <br />Selective Service Registration to be held on June 30, 1942, <br />Between the hours of 7 A.N. and 9.00 o'clock P.fJe which as in <br />former cases was referred to Recorder Eoare, as Chief Registrar, <br />to make necessary preperations and arrangements for the regis- <br />tration. <br />The matter of the Office of Village Attorney being vacant by <br />reason of EkkJ%,lar'enee 0. Holten recent resignation on account <br />of entering the IlElitary Service, duly came before the Council. <br />After discussion Trustee 17yatt moved that Attorney Karl H. Cave11 be duly appointed Village Attorney for the balance of the cal- <br />ander year 1942, at a salary of $75,00 per manth beginning as of June 1, 194z9 to cover all ordinary routine legal services <br />with Court cases to be charged in addition, seconded by Recorder Home and carried by unaminous vote of all members of the Council <br />Discussion mas had on the matter of the President appointing a <br />Building Committee for the construction of the proposed Village <br />Hall according to plans by Lang and Rauglund, heretofore duly , approved by the Council, whereupon the President appointed <br />Phil W. Smith, Chairman <br />Ben B. Eoore <br />George A. 'Xillson <br />all of whom met with the Comxcil's approval, <br />Application dated June 4, 1942$ by Jo,hn He Person, for position <br />as i7arming House Superdsor at Error Lake Qarmirzg House the <br />corning season mas read. The Recarder was requested to aclcnow- <br />ledge receipt of the application. and to advise same had been <br />placed on file for favorable consideration this Fall.