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Einutes of the regular meeting of the <br />Council of the Village of Edina, held in Grange Rall on September 14, 19429 <br />at 8,OO o'clock POX, <br />The meeting was called to order by President Sharpe, the roll <br />called and all rnerabers of the Council mere present, <br />Xinutes of the regular meeting of the Council held on August <br />24, 1942, avld the recessed poxtion of the same meeting duly <br />held on September 89 1042, were read, Thereupon Trustee Gebo <br />stated that with the understanding the Recorder instruc-l; the Assessor to assess any stocks of liquor under Statue of Limit- ations, he would move that the minutes be approved, .seconded <br />by Trpstee 7yat'c and carried. <br />The Village Pay Rolls having been carefully noted and found <br />carrect, Trustee VJillson moved they be duly allowed and ordered <br />paid, seconded 'by Trustee 'vTyat-t. and carried, They are as <br />follows : <br />Xarle C. Sharpe <br />Ben B. Eoore Re corder 90.00 <br />George A. ilillson Trustee 35.00 <br />A. 5. Vyatt Trustee 35.00 <br />L. X..Gebo Trustee 35.00 <br />President (sept) 5 ?50 .OO <br />5. J. Duggan Treasurer 30aOO <br />Dr L. X. Campbell Health Officer 30,OO Karl H. Cove11 Village Attorney 75.00 <br />Phil 'J, Smith Village Engineer 300,OO <br />Phil i*i, Smith Aut o Allovanc e 50,OO <br />Cleo S. ihelarn Office Clerk 75'00 T. E. Tilly Village &rshall (%a 8/31) 9'7,50 <br />170,oo Zohn Ti. Lyon Police Officer <br />Hildirmg Dah1 Police Officer 170,oo <br />SrJ. 9. Heydk Police Officer 110.00 R, 3. Jahnsonn Street Commissioner 195.00 <br />3. 3. Roberts Utili-ty ma= 160,OO <br />P, DahPgren Trae t ar Operat ar 160 .OO <br />150,OO L. Stolzmz,a Asst Road Foreman <br />0. E, Spande Asst Truck Driver 145,OO <br />John Tracy Truck Driver 150,OO E. J. Xerfeld Road Labor @ 60g 154 , 90 <br />Sam EcCready Road Labor @ 556 118.25 <br />E. Ensley Road Labor Q 55p 117.70 Silas Herret Road Labor-weeds- G 65p <br />plus 140 miles use auto 65p 139.60 <br />H. Jonas Road labor @ 55p 115 . 50 <br />J, P. Co.stella Labor with team Q $1.25 95.00 John Tracy Jr. Road Labor 55g 24.20 <br />Elm e r bUa 1 ke r Road Labor @ 55p 98080 <br />George Jens en Sidewalk repair 8.75 <br />E. C. 2feiffer Shovel operator-Village Hall 7.50 <br />3,90 <br />3.90 <br />Chaa . Johns on Labor 0 658 I1 It <br />Elmer Valker Labor 43 65p' ti n <br />The Ifiscallexlous Bills were examined and found carrect whereupon <br />Trustee Gebo moved they be duly allawed and ordered paid, seconded by Trustee Wyatt, and carried, <br />g3-0 <br />Lyle Signs, Inc <br />Thompson Lumber Company <br />Glacier Sand & Gravel Ca <br />Xdina Garrage <br />Eiiller-Davis Co Enneapolis Blue Printing <br />Huskad Company <br />Dahlberg -0s. W. H. ZiegZer Ca <br />Edina Hardware <br />Phillips Pe'croleum <br />Einneapolis Iron $tore <br />Arthur Set erson <br />Suburban Hennepin County <br />Henvlepin County Surplus <br />Re lief Baar d <br />Qwam-Committee <br />Road signs <br />Lumber <br />Sand - Gr av e 1 <br />Service Office-election supplies <br />ReiPnforcing rads <br />PczPice car <br />Parts-supplies <br />Ear dmar e - s uppli es <br />Distillate <br />Supplies <br />Garbage Galleetian <br />B/S <br />August direct relief <br />August services <br />$20 .oo <br />12.86 <br />14.72 <br />8,OO <br />37,34 <br />1.50 <br />17,4? <br />13,43 <br />75,31 <br />11,75 <br />13.80 <br />2.18 <br />462.25 <br />233 . 64 <br />26.20