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Clwence Holten rzppecred a8 reyresentn-biae af Douglas Rees Associetes 1 to inquire xhen he might expec€ the council's decision on Reest <br />application for rezoning of proprty a,-& the sou'khwest corner OS <br />Fiftieth Streefi and 1Tomazhle Road. Shrpe infomed Holten the rilatter rrovlci be referred to the nev plannix conmission and an effort nould be made to decide the matter by the end of the current yearo <br />President Sharpe presected a letter from American Automobile kssociatlon inviting the village to participate in the association's annual traffic <br />safety contest. The letter =as referred to Police Chief &yono <br />Earthorne moved to adjourn at 11 porn., sewnded by Vya3.r; mci carried, <br />E~IXUTZS OF T3I.E SPECIAL LEETIKG OF TKE <br />EDILX VILLAGE COUNCIL HELD 3E VILLAGE WLZ AT 7:30 P.L OCTOBZR 6, 1943 <br />The meeting ms called to orderp the roll callec? and all maxbers of <br />the council aepe presento <br />Budgee requirertente far various village purposes during 1944 vere <br />considered item by item. <br />Vyatt moved that budgee estimtes tot-alling $90,000 be approved, second <br />by Utley. <br />f0110~s: Utley, YlilXson, ',7yatt, Ea~~fihorne, Sharpe, and the motion 178s <br />carried. <br />The roll being called, there Tiere five ayes and no nqja as <br />Bnthorne moved to adjourn a% 11:15 porn., seconded by ';Tillson as6 <br />carrieda <br />The meeting was called to order, the rollcalled and all manbem of the <br />council ere presentr <br />Xinutes of the regular council meeting of September 21, 1943, and the <br />special rneetipg of October 6, 1943, were read and ayproved. <br />Eonthly reports of mad and bridge, police, fire, selief and sever <br />committees =ere read and approved. <br />Villson moved approval and paymen% of the fol1o';ring payrolls, seconded <br />by \?ptt and carried: <br />3ITHHOSDTlG BmED <br />3!7m CLAIE NO. GROSS Al33'tJl?T TAU DXDUCT IEGT .!ET, <br />Council <br />Earl C. Sbrpe 954 825.00 -0- -0- $25 .OO Bover Hmthor ne 955 17e50. -0- -0- 17*50 <br />Geo . A. Tills on 956 17.50 -0- -0- 17.50 <br />Dr. k. S. \7yatt 957 17 050 -0- -0- 17050 <br />Harold C. Uiiiey 958 11.50 -0- -0- 17 o 5U <br />J. Jo DUggU 959 15.00 -0- -0 - 15 e00 <br />Karl E. Cove11 961 37 .50 . 30 -0 - 37.20 <br />Dr. L. E. Campbell 960 15eOO -0- -0- 15.00 <br />I