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I*U.ITUTES OF TEX REGULAR <br />I-SARCH 22, 1948, A!i! BALL' <br />EDINA VILLAGE COWCIL , <br />i <br />I. <br />2. <br />3, <br />4, <br />5. <br />6. <br />7. <br />t <br />Hembers answering Rollcdl aere Child, Palen; Wills on, Havthorne and Cooper, <br />Dr. Lovreli Cmpbell , Health Ofqicer ,made ihe following recommendations to the Council, <br />dter inspection made of food hgndling establishments, in the compmy of ta~essrse <br />Johnson and Nichaelson from the State Board of Health: <br />I <br />Xdina School has one-corzpartnent si& which is not adequate. <br />a dishvasher is recommendede - <br />Cahill Sc&oolts dishvashing facilities *me not adecpate. <br />Installation of <br />Recommendation is thzt <br />Flre 1.Zarshallinspect Cahill School before April I, and that children be moved <br />into new school as soon as possible. ' T <br />ldina Grocery, 4920 Brookside Avenue, has a dirt basement floor vhich is ahrays <br />dmp, Recornendation is that Council reqest Edina Grocery to remedy this <br />sithtion, giving the licensee considerable time to do so. <br />Trisler's Grocery, 5405 Prznce Avenue, mst put in new floor and clean up base- <br />neht, Recommehdation is thai Council give Mr. Trisler a specified time in which <br />to mdce these improvements. * <br />Brotm Derby,39lj Il.5Oth Street, must comply vith long list of recornendations <br />made by State Inspector, by April 12, 1948, <br />that Brom Derby be required $0 install a dishvasher, in addition to the Statefs <br />requirements , <br />3-Dinette, 5354 France Avenue, imst have floor repaired. <br />Hasty-Tasty must clean dust off fixtures before 1;larch 23, <br />Dr. C;amp%ellrs reconmendation vras. <br />In Teference to the nea Food &ndling Ordinvlce passedin 194.7, Dr. Camsbell asked for <br />an opportunity to discuss Ordinance further with Council; and requested that the <br />Bnilding Inspector and Heath Department coogerate to enforee the ordinance vith regard <br />* to future restaurants. + * <br />Eresident Cooper recommended that License Fee for Off-Sde Beer License be raised from <br />$5.00 to $25.00. Hctrbhorne offered motion for Ain6ndment to Ordinance, raising fee <br />for Off-sale 3.2 Beer License from $5.00 to $25,00. <br />br Child and on Rollcall there <rere, five ayes and no nays,, as follow: <br />Pden, aye; Vlillson, aye; Havthorne, aye; and Cooper, we; and the Hotion Vas <br />adopt ed, - <br />Motion for adoption was seconded <br />Chjld, aye; <br />. The following aFplications for Licenses-for the year April 1,.1947 to April 1, <br />vere reviewed by the Council: TYPE OF e?L. LICE%% <br />O'(lBEEi BUSIITI'ISS NAME @mss LICENSE) 3TO. NO. <br />Evelyn ?.S,Enoblsuch ) <br />Frank li.&rt 1 Edina Recreation - Bovling . <br />Apnette E. Scroggins) Center <br />I1 II <br />JI <br />r. <br />tl <br />Hzsold N.Orstad <br />77. C .Riefel <br />II <br />tI <br />George . Shilson <br />II <br />I1 <br />ir <br />R .A.Hackenmnefler <br />tl <br />1' . <br />Edina Cafe <br />Edina Gty, C4ub <br />'t If <br />I <br />fl <br />II <br />Village. Inn - II <br />II <br />&ct,e-eller's <br />Neat I.lmket <br />Ziz03rs Grocery <br />Edina GroEery <br />Brauerts Store <br />Xatl. lea Co. <br />II <br />II <br />I1 <br />5030 France 811ey(16) 254 24.8 <br />II Pinball(2) 255 249 <br />I1 On-sale <br />Beer 250 <br />It I Cigarette. 326 <br />4701 V.50th Cigarette 259 <br />Liquor 257 <br />Beer 258 <br />I1 Food 264 I <br />4930 France So, Pinball(1) 263 <br />I1 *Cigarette 260 <br />11 On-Sde <br />Beer 262 <br />Beer 263. <br />5030 Fr&ce Pood 311 <br />11 OipSa3.e <br />On-Sale II <br />I <br />Off-Sde II <br />I1 kloqd 320 <br />4948 Frznce So. Fo6d 4948 France So, Cigarette <br />11 Food <br />4920 Brookside Ciearette <br />11 2ood <br />3905 "C.50th Food 3945 W.5Oth Food <br />Cigare t t e II <br />287 <br />286 <br />285 <br />288 <br />289 <br />282 <br />283 284 <br />LiM, <br />FEE, <br />$160 .oo <br />100,00 <br />50.00 <br />12.00 <br />6.00 <br />12,QO <br />, 100.00 <br />50.00 . 6,oo <br />50.00 <br />12.00 <br />50.00 <br />12,oo <br />6,*000 <br />12.00 <br />6.00 <br />6-00 <br />6.00 <br />12.00 <br />1