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8/8/49 <br />Meeting co b ened at 7:OO P.I.,,'Mon&y, &&st 8, 1949, at 7:OO P.M., in accordancs <br />with due c$l. and notice by the President, for the purpose of discussioJz as to <br />location proposed iew Tire station, ._ <br />Xembers oi <br />Deputy Clc <br />Eiessrs. -D, <br />commis si03 <br />r <br />Mr, StracI <br />Mr. . heft: . . - -._ <br />Mr. Preit; <br />the new f: I order tha' <br />_-. .. <br />Cons iderai <br />50th and 1 <br />for park 3 <br />station ai <br />and beczrr: <br />develope1 <br />Nr. Freit; <br />site _fmn <br />should be <br />district. <br />behind thc <br />maintain * <br />weed up <br />Child's mc <br />be ut.ilizc <br />: bvestigx <br />such site <br />Palen mom <br />and camir .- <br />The meet& <br />Willson' s <br />1949, be i <br />Willson1 s <br />.. became. 0: <br />Upon recoi <br />Willson, <br />Pursuant <br />SUbur%an : <br />h.licatS, <br />file, Ere <br />groper tie <br />East by I <br />cost for- <br />front foo <br />Kellogg, <br />omcil msweringRollcall were Child, Willson, Palen and Cooper, <br />: Gretchen &den acted as Clerk. - . Ryerse a#d S.S, Thoqe,-Jr., represented the Hlaina Planning <br />I <br />.e5 reprhsented the Board of Park Cornmhsionk -, <br />Chief -is Mitzel appeared for the ZdAna Fire Department. <br />c <br />represented c - - -". the . Fire . ..-"I.- Ugdevi.t;ers: .I . Iqssection-Btpau, __ . . - _- <br />.* <br />re&wea be-Dec&%& 1jiB--19i43, recommendation of the Bureau, that <br />iresent fire insurance rates be maintained, <br />station should be located in the vicinity of 50th and Wooddale, in <br />diseussior4 followed, 'with HI?. Thorpe maintaining that the tract at <br />ddale had been sold to the Village with restriction that it be used <br />poses only; ad Mr. Strachauer objecthg to construction of ffre <br />he jQth and Wooddale locale because of its proximii;g to the school <br />he alleged, construction OZ such a station wotzld preclude park <br />r 1.. <br />reiterated his opinion that 50th and wooddale trould be the idea <br />.e pofntj of view of the Yire Underwrfters, statizlg that the station <br />cated not more than 3/4,miles from the farthest poht in the business <br />:e agreed, however, that location of the proposed station directly <br />'illage Hdl would, together with other recommendations by the Bureau, <br />by Ryerse, aorpe, StrachaFer, Mitsel and Freitag.. <br />on that Vl&ge-own6d property directly Wesf of the Village Hall <br />for purpose of location of new fire station, and that Council <br />possibility of acqpiring adjacent Schooi proper%y as ,gortion of <br />'as seconded by Palen and unanimously carried, <br />for attjournment- of the Special Meeting, Motion seconded Willson <br />, <br />present "Class 8" rate, Location at the Village &11 site was <br />.. <br />.Village Clerk <br />5IIm OF THS REGULAE IBEXI!~G OF THE XDWA VId <br />COTMGIb, MONDAY, AUGUST 8, 1949, AT T?33 EDTEas;. ... .~ . SCHOOZ, jO2H AAD. WOODDp3c;El <br />I" - convened at thii-viliage &ll at 8:OO P& <br />Ition that Minutes of the' Special &d bgulm Meetingi of Jwly 25, <br />)roved as sulmitted, was seconded by Child and cmied. <br />Ition that Meeting adjourn to the Edilla School, 50th and Wooddale, <br />#he crowd pesent, was. seconded 3y Child and UnanimoZzIlly carried, <br />Intion at the Edina School, members-answering Rollcall were Child, <br />.en and Cooper, <br />"Rotice-of mroiement Bearing-stzuitary Sever ,I! pblished in <br />jss, Ho@cins, Minnesota,-on JaIy 23 and 28, 1949, Affidavit of <br />for which was read by Clerk, ap5roved as-to form and placed on <br />tent called public hearbg on proposed sanitary sewer to serve the <br />a a disGrfcE South of joint Sewer District 100, 1, and bounded on the <br />tce Avenue and on the Mestr by Hans- Boad. Engineer*s estimate of <br />5 proposed t& sewer was read, being $114,383.00, or $2,00 per <br />i $4.65 peF front foot, <br />- <br />. <br />Deputy Clerk Gretchen Uden acted as Clerk. : <br />'Engineer's estimate for cost of Later$. Sewers along Fooddale and -