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180 9/26/49 %e matter of ad vdorem tases, greviously levied for Permanent Improvement RevolvknS <br />hd Bond Issues, camber"sre the Council; ad Eavrthorne offered the following BosolutLon <br />) snd moved its zdoption: <br />TIITH 1949 -G3ER.& i?ILOjpgirPY T&aS <br />TlBEEUAS th& Vill&e cbunbil bf the Villege of Edina h&s , by Resolution adopted <br />Xovember 6, 194'7, levied a specid ad valorem tax for the papent of princiwl and <br />interest of its Pc&uanent Improvoment .Revolving Fund Bond Issue Series December, 1947; <br />said ad valorem'tzx in the mount of $19,425 bein&.collectible irith and as a part of <br />other generzl. prop6rtT tams in said yillage for the year 1949; and <br />TEEBIiVS, the Village Council of the Village of Edinz has, by Resolution adopted <br />&gmt 9, 194-8, levied 2 special ad valorem tax for the pyyment of principal and <br />kterest of its Permsnt Iqrovenent Revolving Fund Bond Issue of 1948; sed ad <br />vdoren %=,in the aomt of $19,300, being collectible with and as a part of' the <br />generd propcrtg taxes in said Village for the yoar 1949; and <br />June 27, 1949, levied a specid ad Traloren tax for the payment of principal and <br />interest of its Sernsnent-$nprovenent Revolving Fund Bond Issue of 1949, said ad <br />valorem tzx in the mount of $8,200 beins collectible with and as a pat of other <br />general proprty taxes j.n said Village for the yew 19L!,9; md <br />'JHERES , Elinnesota Statutes, Section 4'75.26, pemits the curcellation of stzid <br />levied providing noneas me on l+nd for payment of principal and interest for sa5.d <br />bocd issues; ad <br />ImBS, moneys on hwd in Permanent Improvement Revolving hd ,Bond ?inking ma <br />Jo. I, for pment of principal and interest of its Permanent Iqrovenent Revolving <br />bd Bond Issue Series December, 194.7, total $19,425; aid noneys on hznd in Pcrmwent <br />I_np-ovement Revolving Fund Bond Sinking Pund yo. 2, for payment of principl and <br />interest of its Pemdent Inprovencnt Reyolving Fund Bond Issue of 1948, totd $19,300; <br />ad noneys on haad in Peramcnt fqrovasnt Bevo:ving Fund Bond Sinking rkd Eo. 3, for <br />payment of principl and interest of its Pemanent Iqrovment Revolvizg &I? Bond <br />assue of 19&9, totd $8,200: <br />A,OJ !EIiBEFOU, @ IT KZSOLIQD 'by tho Pillage Council of the Villwe of Bdina, <br />thzt those ad valor& ts levies made %y Resolutions of this Village Council adopted <br />Novedjer 6, 1-94?, hsst 9, 1948, at& June 27, 1949, in the amounts of $19,425, $ <br />$19.,300, ad $8,200, respectively, +d colkectibls vith and as a pat-of btha <br />genera 9ropert.y taxes in sad Villxe for' the year 1949, be dd hereby arc cacelled, <br />authorized and airacted to cancel the ~71ove described ad vaorem tax levies and to <br />delete said levies &on, taxes to be spFead for the 3ea.r 1949. <br />Wotion for adogtion of the Resolution vas seconded by lli11son; and on Roilcab1 thoro <br />rrere four ayes and no nzgs, as follorrs: <br />ad Cooser, aye; ad Vie Resolution ~rzs adopted, <br />ATTESF: <br />C <br />?-AS, the Pillag Council of the Villagq of 3dina has, by Resolution adopted <br />. ,I- <br />?T T <br />Bi3 IT ET%RTEB EZSOLT3D that the County Audit;or of Hemepin County, Hinnesota, bc <br />Pden, c3t3; Villson, aye; Havthorne, ago; <br />& 7TL/w- President of the Fillage Co@l I <br />Village Clerk 1 <br />Kr. Pden rcported con~l~~~~s &ou% SpeeGing on Interlachen BOiiWaril, ad on VLLlcg <br />Vie:: iioad,, Vfie Last 717 Dzq-ton*s Truck. ; Office directed to VJT~~O Paj~tons , 5~ reyuest- <br />ing that the7 iastsruct their drivers to observe thc speed linits. <br />..- <br />Villson*s aotion for djommeizt until 7:3O P.X. , October 3, 1949, iras seconded by <br />Pzlen ap3 carried. . <br />Village Clcrk <br />, .. 1