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2/7/50 <br />of commercial Frozerty at 4.924 Prmce, su3ported the Nolan Fetition. <br />smiig b3 Xr, Kmfft, Ckirm of Plpzrming Comssion, to effect tht Conmission <br />aproves multiple dwellin= project for this corner, poviding Zoning Eepirenents <br />zre met, Hr. Cove11 -reqGested thclt Council chsider petition for Reooni$g i&thdram. <br />Co-icil informally granted ZeQyest, thus ending Bearins: <br />Gearbg on Petition 'by Lsaies Auxilicry of 1.Iissoi.ri Synod, for maintenace of soine <br />for Aged on 10-acre sorgion of Schillinger Farm at 70th Street ad Road <br />ms opened 'by Clerk's reaCi5ns OF Affidwit of Publication of Notice of Hearing, <br />Krs. Hintz and Attorney Bxrker sgoke for the petition, A Mrs, Olseen, omer of <br />gro3erty directlg zcross 70th S-wt from SchiUinger ?am; Ik. Siebert, 48Oh V, <br />70th St., and mother snectztormvming yroperty nezrb;r, as vel1 as 14r* E.C. Stov, <br />objected to such an institution,' Petitioners were unable to give definite state- <br />ment Of finasci3.l responsibilityor plan of operation, <br />recomendsti'on of Jzru.rg 17, LSO, vas Ted. Child noved that Riiilic Befling be <br />postzoned until evidence of finacid responsibility, mi3 plm of'oseration for <br />gonoj;ed project are before the Council,. <br />After a <br />* - I <br />PSanning Gonmissi6n <br />1 <br />t <br />? I - Woti6n seconded by Havrthorne ad 1 ca+ied. .. . <br />BeQuest YES made, before the Council-Coxmission, ?or rezonins to Community Store <br />District, of Lots 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15, Block 4, Grandviev Heights Addition. <br />!i!hoqe of the-PXanniq Comisgion mob6d tbt Gomission recopaend-to Councif. tb% <br />proprty be rezoned, ad that groper Public Hearing for same be held. Nofion <br />seconded by Ode11 and c&ried. ZmrtBorie mopSd that Public Heisin% oc petition <br />for Ilezonirg be set for' I-iondw, W3rcKl3, 1950, at 8:OO €'*1.1,,, and thzt affected <br />groperty o?m& 3e notified of said EezTing. <br />carried.' <br />Hotion 'seconded by Palen. and <br />There being no further business to come Before the Gomission at this time, <br />members or" th'e Gomission retired from the meeting. * <br />A@ications' 202 Villqe Enzineer-Executive Officer aere revieved b;7 the Council, <br />members having interviewed tiwee qualified q~licmts. Danens moved for q~oint- <br />nent of Hr* P. 2Pbeo. Olssen 8s Village Ensineer-Bxecutive Officer, at a s-d-ar~~ of <br />$6,000 per gear, ayFointneat to be effective 1.Iarch 16, 19-50. <br />w:rthorne vhzninously cerried, <br />Discussion vas had as to other IJhELses of operetions, with Ben T'loehler being <br />qqointed as Superintendent of Puiolic Utilities, at a salay increzse of 525.00 <br />per month, effective Februsy 16, 1950, by motion Child, seconded by Palep and <br />unraimously cizried. - <br />HrtT.rthorne noved for zdjourrxnent. 1.Iotion .seconded %y Dmens , ad carried, l-leeting <br />. <br />.. , / <br />1 <br />Hotion seconded by <br />1.fenbers Child, D-mens <br />later in the 24eeting. <br />... <br />and Bricksbn &sr.Tered-Rollchl. PiLen and H&thorne me <br />1 c <br />Child noved thst 1.Iinvter: of Re,dar Xeeting of Jmugy 23, 1950, be qpoved as <br />sulmitted, l4otion seconded 'or Dmen& and caried, - <br />< <br />Pursilztnt to Wotice of Street Improvement Hearing43lacktop~ing all Strsets in <br />Pros_neat Xills Second Bd&,ition," guUished. in Subwrban Press, Hogkins , on <br />Jaxu.ary 25 gd Fe3ru-j 1, 1950, affidmit .of Fublic&ion for which notice ?res <br />re& b;i- Clerk, zgproved as to fom and plzced on file--Pu'olic Hewing i~as called <br />on- the above nmed project, Enzineer's Estimate of Cost in mount of $5,503.39, <br />orSl.32 $er zssesszble foot vas real, <br />3u$ I&* 14, P. Johnson, getitioner for the improvement, sussested ?kiting until <br />he hes circulated setition for a like imz3rovenent in Prossect Hills Pirst Addn, <br />Child moved'. tirzt project .be.delwed until next re,gu+r mee$ins, .e,w.i.ting.Rr. <br />Johsont s Fetition for Prossect Bills .Blacktogping. <br />&d carted, <br />There vere no objections to the iqrovement, <br />I~zotion seconded by Dsnens <br />- <br />i. <br />c