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196 , 3/13/50 I <br />HJNUTEs OF THE RE;GULAR >llfi'lETING OF THE <br />EDINA ICfXGAm CGYTNCIL, HELD NONDAY; T*WH <br />13, 1950, AT StOO P.&, AT THE VILLAGE Hw;L * <br />1.iembers answering Rollcall were Darrens, Palen, Hawthorne, and Erickson,j- <br />Hawthorne moved for approval of I-Eriutes of Neeting af February 27, 19%, as submitted. <br />Hotion seconded by Palen and carried,, <br />Health Officer Campbell reported tkiat the property at, 406 Adas Avenue is in insanitary <br />and anhealthful condition, and recommended that Notice to abate Nuisance be sent to <br />omer before Council attempts to cdndemn. Danens moved that such notice to sent at once+ Seconded by Hawthorne and crirriedY <br />?ursuaat to Wotice of Hearing on Petitions to RBsone,lt published in Suburban Press; <br />on Wch 2, 1950, affidavit of pubrication for which vas read by Clerk, Hayor Erick- <br />son ca33ed Public Hearing on the following petitions: <br />1. Petition of 1.G. Peder Hickelsen, dated September 8,1949p for Rezoning to <br />COHI4ERCIP. DISTRICT, Lots 1,2,4,5,6,25,26,@d 27, Block 3, Grandvlew Heights. <br />2? Petition of Allied Builders, kc*, dated February 7, 1950, for the Rezoning <br />to COWEflCIAL DISTRICT, Lots 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15, Block 4, BrandvLew Heights* <br />Ere and &so Willard IT0 Olson, 5109 Summit Avenue, and 1-b. Joseph Smutny, 5105 Summit <br />Avenue, objected to rezoning on grounds that they had purchased in a residential <br />district, and wished to keep the prope&y residential; that the debris which usually <br />amdtes around commercial properties is &stressing to then,? Later in the evening, <br />after objectors had left meeting, I&. Harry Gustafson and Hr. Bennett, apparing for <br />lek, Hickelsen and Allied Builders; respectively, supported their petitions and told <br />Council that rezoning to Codty Store District is vhat they wish--thatAthey have <br />no intention of allowing heavy industry in this area. <br />of pe$itions for rezoning until regular meeting of &rch 27. Eiotion seconded by <br />Palen and car&f& <br />e <br />L. <br />- <br />t <br />Hawthorne moved for tabling <br />- <br />The Village Clerk presented affidavits showing publication in the Suburban Press at <br />Hopkins, f.Unnesota, and the Commercial. West, at Hinneapolis, I-€i.nne ota, of the notice <br />of sale of $108,000 Improvement Bonds of 3950 of the Village, bids &ch were to be <br />received at this meeting, irr accordance with the resolution adopted February 13,1950. <br />The Clerk reported that four sealed bids had been received pursuant to said notice, <br />~ihi-ch bids were thereupon opened and publicly read and considered, and the highest <br />and best bid of each bidder was found to be as follows: <br />Esame and Address of Bidder Interest Rats Prenium <br />B <br />AllisoZl-PJiUams company) Piper, Jaff ray & Hopwood) Enneapolis 1.70$, $w*Oo - <br />Ja E.€. Dain & Company . ) <br />Juran & lifoody, St. Paul <br />First Edina State B&, Edina 1 <br />First National Bank, Wnneapolis) <br />1.7 5% <br />2.10% 8162.50 <br />- <br />Hawthome,introduced the following resolution and moved its adoption: - RESOLUTION ATJllEtDnG SAl3 OF <br />$lOS,OOO I"ROVERENT BONDS OF 1950 <br />BE IT IlESOLDED by the Council of the Village of Ems, lfinnesota, that this <br />Council has heretofore caused notice to be duly published of'the sale of $108,000 <br />Improvement Bonds of 1950 of the Village, to be dated krch 1, 1950, and the highest <br />and best bid received for the purchase of said bonds pursuant to law and sad notice <br />of sale is the bid of Allison-'z.Jillians Company, Pipe, Jaffray & Hopmod, and J,& <br />Dain & Company, IEuneapolis, to purchase the same at a price of par and accrued <br />Lnkerest to date of delivery, plus a premium of $14.0eO0, the bonds to bear interest <br />at the rate of 1.70% per annun, and sa5d bid shall be and is hsreby accepted. The <br />Emfayor and Village Clerk are hereby authorized and directed to make and execute a <br />contract for the sale of said bonds on the part of the Village in accordance with <br />the terns of said bid. <br />fore furnished by said purchaser pending deliver$ of the bonds and papent of the <br />purchase price, and shall forthwith return the checks of other bidders& <br />The mo%ion for the adoption of said resolution was seconded by Palen, and on roll ca3 <br />The Village Clerk shall retajn the good faith check hereto- <br />there Tere Four Ayes ad no Nags, as foUo?IS': DmaS, Am; pala, &e; BT.rthorne,-@es <br />said resolution vas declared daw passed and adopted, <br />age Clerk Nayor