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Discussion was next had as to Parking FaciUties on the South Side of lL50th Street, <br />with motion duly made, seconded and carried that Commissjon go-on recoe as recommend- <br />ing the following: <br />1. No Park* on 1.LSQth Street from Halk@x-&enue to France Avenue-both sides <br />2. No hfy, Hand T&<s of? or ohto lL5Wh @reet,frdm &fax Ayenue to France <br />3. Stopand& ~igds at Halifax Avenue &d W.!jotg Street, * <br />4. 3$anually controU:ed traffic siggds, $or crossvm&, at sone point on1T45Oth <br />5. Acquisition by Cdiulcil of property already recpmmended by Conrmission for . South-Side-of&th Street Parking, 6uk elSminating the ergas AGenue- <br />of Street, <br />beiiue. -. <br />Street, between Halifaxand France Avenues. <br />~.~,5lst_~treet cbnnection. I - <br />Possible usk's for fhllace boperty North of IL50th Str&t and directly West of <br />Halifax Avenue were discus'sed, Planning Con@.tant Nichols recommended*public or <br />Semi-pubEc use of propert?; staging this tmLLd se&e two purposes-1, To etain <br />open space 5x1 congested area; and 2. To f&m permanent buffer strip betvxeen commer- <br />cial and rekdential. properties. A park-and-library project was tentatively advocated <br />for the South half of the propertyx with multiple dvremgs as a use for North half <br />thereof. - Councilc requested recommendations from Planning CoImnissign as tb behd; <br />ment to Zoqing Ordinance with regard to minimum lot requfrerhents for multiple <br />dwelljhgs dthiq some distance (to be deterIuin&d"by from any commercial <br />&mer Wallace cited a price for his pr0pert.y (based on $2,000 per lot for 20 lots, <br />plus value of house); stating that purchase may be fi-cea over a five-to-t&n-year <br />period; Some discusSion was had as to public subscription method of financing; r&kh <br />diversion- of liquor st ore funds advbcated as an alternate. <br />Commission declined to go on record with definfte recommendations as to usage of <br />of ?hllace property-, or as to Zoning Ordinance Amendment, at this meeting; but xci3.I. <br />disqss both matters at their 'f2egula;r_l.ieeting oz January 2, and bring recommendations <br />to ,ComcUD -. <br />P district. - f- <br />ir 3 <br />Tbre be- no further business to come before the' Heeting, Hawthorne moved for <br />adjournment, Motion secoded by Child and <br />I. ~mmcs or THE DJOWJED P~TIO~ OF THE ~~mm <br />CO~ICIL, ma FRID~, DECXEER 29, .i350, - at 7:30 <br />. <br />11, 1950 _WGuLIIlz I~h33IZ~JG OF TI53 EDB& VIWLB <br />PJL, .AT THE .DEfA-VIXAGE L!IL .- - <br />Izezbers asirering Rollcall ?;ere- Child, Danens and Erickson; with Hau-Gior-ne and Palen <br />coning Late, as recorded belot:. <br />ChUd moved that investments in aount of $5,000, held br TTillage Lateral Sewer <br />13ist-lic-L IJo. 9 Fund be sold, 2nd that said.Fund regay General Fmd-for loan outstand- <br />ing; also, that $2,000 Lvestmznts held by Tillage Poor Fund be sold to provide cash <br />for this said Fund. 3o"uion seconded by Daem a;nd carried6 <br />Danens moved for approval of the folloiving Transfer Cheks. <br />ad carried. TO: <br />General Fund - <br />P*Z,R, Fund <br />P.I,R, Fund <br />ITatepwks Fund <br />Park Fund <br />Garbage Fund <br />General Fund <br />P.I.R. Fund <br />Sewer Rent& Fund <br />Tlorking Capital Fund <br />P.I*E, Fund <br />PeIaRe Fund <br />54% <br />5433 54% <br />5.485 , 5486 <br />1 5487 <br />5488 5439 5490 <br />5491