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12/10/5l 295 <br />I <br />.. _. .. . I -- <br />Bxembers answering Rollcdl were -Bredesen, D&ens and Erickson. Deputy Clerk <br />Alden ,acted as Clerk, <br />Minutes of Regulap Neeting of November 26,1951, were approved as submitted, <br />by motion Bredesen, seconded by Danens and carriedr <br />Nr, and T-bs, FTilliam Olson returned to hear the report concerning the fencing <br />of'the rear of 'the Danens prope.lrty huhich backs up to Sdt Avenue. <br />Clerk reported that .she has searched the Minutes of the Council Neetings, but' <br />cki find nothing thich relieves Verlin Bal3anz for the liability for' said <br />fencing, No action by Council, <br />14ra Job Saltzman,']'700 Newton Avenue South, agent for Roy Cottrell, Mora, 1finn., <br />asked ffr pem6.k to sell wood, by measurement; <br />had checked nth State Weights and Xeasures Dep6. and could find no complaint <br />?minst *h&p?vendor. <br />S'redesen-and carrid, <br />glr, €Id-&-~m of the Liqyor Commission iequested that Nanager be given authority <br />to hire off-duty policeman for Liquor Score duty the days befdre Christmas and <br />New +yearse <br />X4+mor Store Ihiager Kippleyrs applicakon for raise for, Clerk Joe Deneen, from <br />6225 to $250 per mqnth, was read and discussed with Mk, Hallman, <br />evening,.Bredesen movedthat the pay of Deneen be raised to the epivalent of <br />+that of Clerk Lindall, providing is is not over $250 per month. <br />- Deputy <br />* . <br />'t i <br />Office reported that Police <br />Danens' motion that permit be granted was seconded by <br />..I . Bredesen so moved. -Notion seconded by Danens and carried, <br />I *. <br />Later id the <br />Motion seconded <br />by Danens and carriedp \, <br />-i <br />Fire Chief Etzel reported on:fire hazards in the Business District, citing <br />the Stow Building, vihich has only one exit from second.floor, as one example; <br />the incinerator back of Scott ts Store 'as another, <br />of rubbish in the alley behind the Stanchfield vbuildings, and dated that some- <br />thing should be done about laxness at the Edina School at 50th and l?ooddal.e. <br />Nr, F?indhorst sggested that mitten repor-b be made by fir? chief, and transmitted <br />to school and to owners of firedhazardso <br />RFPQRTS BY MXTAGER MITC@EL: . <br />&fr6 NitcheU. reported .that $he State Highway Department has irlfomned him of <br />their receipt of) the Vumyslope Associationt stl comunication regarding enforce- <br />ment -of speed limit s on Highways 100 and 169 and on 50th Y5treet; that Department <br />points out that speed &forcement here is the duty of the Village Police, <br />- He suggested compulsoq- .pickup <br />k <br />Nr, Nitchell reported that Edina Morningside School has requested that Police <br />be on duty; at bas??etball games; that he has directed Captikin NcGary to station J <br />one off-duty pollceman at the school game nights, with the, Squad Car and the <br />on-duty men to be there unless needed elsewhere; that he has asked for additional <br />help from Hennepin County Sheriff and State Highway Patrolr <br />as to this action, <br />Council conf3urred ._ 1 <br />c <br />The "Road Conditions" Neeting held by Federal Housing Administration Deqember 7, <br />was reuiewed by Nr. Ifitchell, who stated-that its outcome ~15.11 probably-be a <br />uniform code for road building. He will attend another meeting in January. <br />2k. 3fit chell requested policy of Council as to aid in securing priority for <br />machinery+fcsr contractor working for village. Opinion was that this &;auld be <br />limited to certificate of contractP <br />I <br />CorreGpondence on priority for water tank was reviewed by Nr, Mitchell, with <br />Nr, :rihdhorsL adding that there is probably nothing further to be done until <br />fu&her reply is received f mm Washington. <br />.I <br />&-aer&ip of streetcar bridge -vests in Street Railway Company, 1-5. B%t cheU <br />stated, speaking of the Bmokside bridge. Possible grade right-of4my was discussed, 1rithou-b action, _I - <br />- \- - %TO applications for sign permits at th? Grandview Brug Store, Highway N0.169, were discussed, ik being reporbed that signs were constructedkfore applic a 6' ions <br />xqere presented. <br />gate and report back at .next meeting of Council, was seconded by Bredesen and <br />carried, <br />Danenst motion, that Er0 Etchell and Police Department investi-