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14 i' <br />x** Kembers answering <br />entering later as <br />I- -- * .. Rollcall were Bred&&, Cdd; Danms and Erickson, with Hawthorn8 <br />recorded below. <br />EnUtes of the January 28th lfeeting were approved as submitted, by motion Child, <br />seconded by Danens and carried* <br />Xr* Jacdbs presented petitions for Grading, Gravelling, Sanitarg Sewer, Water Ebin <br />and Blacktopping, for streets in Virginia Avenue Addition. 3hager r.litchell reported <br />that cerbab easements have be secured before full street right-of-way is in <br />the name of the Village, and recornended that nothing further be done until said <br />easements are in, Danensf moticm, $hat Council act in accordance withManager*s <br />reeomendations, was seconded bJa: Chjcld and carried* <br />Clerk Hawthorne entered the meeting at this time. <br />Final Plat of !%icbnond Hills Third Addition'! was presented, together vith Planning <br />Commission Becoimneridations that .Council approve it. I-kmager EEtchell eqlaned that <br />Final plat does not agree with Preliminary Plat as presented; that one tract included <br />in the-pre- plat has been removed from final plat; that four lots facing Hansen <br />Boad were not included in preliminq but have been included as part of final plat. <br />After reviewing Planning Conmission Recommendations, Hawthorne's motion that Final <br />Plat of Richond Hills Third Addition be approved for record, was seconded by <br />Redesen and carried. I <br />c <br />I) I <br />Xdina-Horningside Courier's notification of theh approval. as a %econd=class news- <br />paper" was filed trith Council. .Assistant Editor .Hanson corroborated this .with letter <br />from Washington. Havhhorne*s motion, that EcEna-3fombgside Courier be designated as <br />2Xtbar-s Official Publication for balance of year .1952, subject to their grant of ten <br />percent discount from bid price, .for cash, was.seconded by Danens and carried, <br />* <br />The matter of contract for relief adminigtration for Edina for the year 1952 was <br />discussed, and Child offered the following Resolution and moved its adoption= <br />EEWLUTION FOR COICCRAW 2IITH <br />SUBURBAN riEmEPpN COUNTY mIEF <br />4l Born * <br />BE IT BESOIYED. That the contract.submit;ted by the Suburban Hemepin County -~ - <br />Relief Board of - the'County of Hemepin for ,the administration and supervision of <br />poor relief in the Village of Edina be accepted and approved: and <br />BE ITP mfIETHER RESOLVED, That the proper officers of said Village of Edina be <br /> execute said contract in duplicate and when executed to return one of <br />said contracts to the Suburban Hermepin County f3.elief Boardt <br />The question was on the adoptioi of the resilution and the roll being called there were <br />five ayes and no nays, as follous: Bredesen, aye; Child, aye; Danens, aye; Hawthorne, <br />aye; andErickson, aye; and so the Resolu$ion.w <br />-* <br />- <br />+ <br />T <br />I, <br />.I <br />The following license applications were received, appJicants having been approved by <br />Police Department: <br />~ Ferdinand A. Hollen, dba Graukev Drugs, 5poiVernon Bvee - Okf-Sale 3*2 Beer <br />to April 1, 1952 <br />, .Food, Cigargtte ----- to April 1, 1952 - <br />Herle P. aer, dba Purity D&y. Store, 5018 @ance,Avem Sodff-Sale 3.2.Beer, <br />Iiawthornets motion, that licensis be granted, was sgconded by Damns and carried. <br />Claim of Virginia Burnett, in alpount of $10,000, for injuries allegedly suffered to <br />leg and ankle ia a fall on the pider.ra;Lk at 3940 Vest 492 Street, was filed and, by <br />motion Hawthorne, seconded by Dwens and capied3- was referred to Village Attorney <br />Windhorst for investigation. . <br />&mager IEtchell presented Fjnai Plat of llCarolane", situated Vest of Cahill School <br />and South of U.7Oth St*reet. <br />reviewed, but Jir. Nitchell reported to Council that a drainage problem exists here. <br />Hawthorne* s motion, that action be deferred pending discu6szon between Village <br />Manager and Developer with regard to correction of drainage problem, was seconded by <br />Danens and carried. <br />I( Y <br />- <br />FTanning Commission recommendation for approval was