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28 3/1/52 <br />c Council conduct a Public Hearing on the mtter of Paving France Avenue as of lionday, <br />April @I.,' 1952, at 7:30 P,EI,,. at the CoponUn,ity Room of the Eaina High School, <br />IIotion seconded by Bredesen and unanimously cardeb. <br />A We Klein's proposal to grade down street right-of-way in return for <br />fill for his abutthg low property was reported by Ikmager Ifitchell and declined by <br />Council. . <br />Hawthorne moved -for adjournment . Hotion seconded by Bredesen and carried. Neeting <br />adjourned at 5:20 PI& <br />=. <br />I <br />Village Clerk L <br />c I <br />ct <br />1 <br />I-Iembers answering Rollczill were Child, Danens, Hawthorne and Erickson, <br />Ninutes of the Regular Neeting of Febz%a-W:25;?1952.knd the Adjourned Portion of <br />the February 25th Heeting held Saturday, Fkch 1, were approved as read, by Hotion <br />Child, seconded by Danens and carried. <br />First Hatter of Business ims taking of bids oq Bituminous Surface Pfaterials. Clerk <br />read $ffidavidi of Publication in Edina-Norningsidide Courier and Construction Bulletin <br />for 1rAdverti;sement for Bids-Road Oil and Tar," pubushed in those two publications <br />February 28 and Narch 6, 1952, and the following sealed bids+ were publicly opened <br />and read. <br />c <br />BMN&ITWIS .& ASPHoCOo <br />RS2 (Tank*Cars) <br />E32 (Tank Trucks) <br />SSl (Tank Cars) <br />SSL (Tank Trucks) <br />cT&ck Lots) mcms OIL bo. <br />(At Plant) <br />(At Plant) * <br />BLACKTOP SEXVICE CO. <br />* Eb31L SB?E&L & SONS <br />(At Plant) <br />SflELL'IE OIL GO. <br />. (Tankcars) <br />EXUISI- <br />CUTBACK FIJm . AspMlALT ROADTAR ROADOIL ASPHALT HOTREADYHOTREADY - <br />-0- <br />-0- <br />-0- <br />-0- <br />-0- <br />8.1600 ' <br />. -0- <br />-0- <br />-0- <br />-0- <br />-0- <br />-0- <br />. -0- <br />Si1025 <br />,125 <br />-0- <br />-0- <br />-0- <br />I <br />? <br />%0900 <br />-0- <br />-0- <br />-0- <br />-0- <br />-0- <br />* <br />-0- <br />$4.70 <br />$4.60 <br />0% <br />I <br />-0- <br />-0- <br />-0- <br />-0- <br />-0- <br />-0- <br />$4.70, <br />$4.60 <br />-0- <br />Child's motion, that bids be referred to Village Hanager for tabulation and report <br />at the nexL regular meeting, was seconded by Danens and carried. <br />Clerk read Affidavit of Publication for "Advertisement fo$ Bids, Cleaning, Painting. <br />and Repairing Village Irater Tank and Tower,Ir appearing February 28 and Earch 6,1952, <br />in Edina-Norningside Courier, and in Construction Bulletin; and the following sealed <br />bids were publicly opened and reaa: <br />* <br />C <br />&Brn BID <br />c ORXGIN& (SAND BLAST <br />BD <br />b,5'75JQ e HissisSippi Valley Tank Goa, IIinneapolis <br />f4idBest Tank & Painting Go!, Edina $1,185.00 * $1,485.00 <br />Master- Cleaninip Service,. Eheapolis - $2, 293Jm <br />Speehon Elevated Tank Service, Rockford, Ill1 " if 62~~50 -0- <br />Feighner Co,, Fremont, Ohio . 8 6m.00 $1,180.00 <br />Sullivan & Sons, Hound, Elinn. $1,45Oe00 $1, 850.00 <br />banens moved <br />next; regular <br />c <br />for referral of bids to Village lbnager for tabulation and report at <br />meeting, Hotion seconded by Child and carried. r <br />* -, c