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1- 37 l4INUEB OF THE IU3GWmING OF THE: EDIIU <br />Vma COUNCIL, #R;D-EONI)AY, MARCH 22, 1954 <br />AT 7:30 P.M., AT THE &INA VILLkGZ - <br />Mayor Pro Ten Child announced, at time for Meeting to be convened, "hat the only <br />business condur$ed would 6e the opening of several bids, inasmuch as there would <br />not be a qyorwn, four members of the Council being out of the village, <br />Deputy Clerk then read Affidavit of kblication for ffAdvertisement for Bids- <br />Pickup Truck," published in Edina-Eomingside Courier, and Consbuction Bulletin <br />March U and 18; and, pGuaqt to said Advertisement, the following bids were <br />publicly opened and read: , - -. -- <br />Suburban Chevrolet Coo, Hopkins 3/4 Ton Pick-Up Truck - NEE. <br />. . ... . . <br />The next, Affidavit or" Publication read-was l*Advertisenent for Bids-Sanitary Sewer;z1 <br />published-in Edina-Korgingside Courier &d Cpnstruction Bulletin on-March ll-and - <br />18, <br />Lametti &'sons, St. Paul <br />O*Brien Coqst. Co. <br />Phelps-Dpke, &e., Mpls , $2&,%1060 <br />Hoglund & Ca,, Kpls. - $17,412027 <br />Bids were then- publicly opFed and read as followst- e <br />I <br />sAyEARp sEI.JE& NO. 66 - <br />1Grand~ew Plateau Area) <br />i 9 . . . .@.9,86&.25. '4 <br />* $239981.86 <br />Barbarossa & Sons __ &O9978025 <br />Wm. V. TerFgExc. Coo @J-,975000 <br />her reading'of efidavit of 'Publication for trAdvertisement for Bids-Well <br />Constrqtion, I* published in Ed&na-Xorningsiae Courier and Construction -Bulletin <br />Earch ll and 18, the followiqg bidg were pbliqly opened and read:: <br />*-* IWELL CONSTRUCTION <br />era INew Water-TQwer .Site- . Gbncord he.) <br />.12,586.00 <br />II <br />Layne-Ehnesota Coo , . - '$9,820000,+ * . .. <br />XcCart@y WeLl Co, $lt!+, 9~000 <br />$9,380.00 " <br />Bergerson$aswgll <br />Keyes Well_Drilling Co. <br />&or CUd'tLen ordered bids referred to the Village Xnginekr for takalation <br />and report at the next regular meeting, April 12, announced to the audience that <br />the business-of the evening wtts conclude@, and declared the Meeting adjourned, - Adjoment at 8:15 P.M. <br />.. <br />.. <br />- *. <br />'C <br />i . , .. .I. <br />......._ I . ..... .... <br />d <br />z <br />I' <br />c I <br />I