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I@. George Hotre's prelriminary plat vas presented, together with the Planning <br />Commission's Ray 12th reconmendatich for apgroval. Child moved for approval <br />of Prelhinaxy Plat. klotion seconded by Danens qd carried.7 <br />Efanager Uitchefi reported on the mattep of reim$ursement $05 Hessrs. ,George <br />Thompson and Don Pedersont George, an &spector, doing temporary work as an <br />inskmient Nan," and Don, 8 Rodman-Cman, wor-$ing tmporarrily as an, <br />Inspect'or. <br />beyond their regular classification. <br />granted, with the stipulation that the. tvo,men understandr the basis, of this <br />I&. $Etchell then asked for authoriiy to employ an experienced Instkment &Ian <br />no qualified m& is willing to work 6n $ temporary basis. I Child's motion, that . Bo IiIitchell be authorized to employ an experienced Instrument Man at-$361.00 <br />per Wnth, on a permaneat basis, wa~~seconded by Bank and .carried. <br />a. "$Etchelf reported" on the matter of unkthorised excavation in the'alley <br />betyeen ITilliam and Hankerson Avenues and between IJ.T,Slst turd W.52nd Streets, <br />by J.A. &mens and Son. <br />in thfiir . exc&vatLon; and that representatives of Biltmore Notor Hot el Corp. <br />have apologized for this error, agreeing to do anything the Village wishes, <br />in order to rectify it, <br />There being no further business to come*before the CouncXL; Child moved for <br />adjournment. Hotion seconded by Bredesen and ca * . Xeeting adjourned at <br />U:3O A.H., Tuesday, Hay 18, <br />( P- <br />He. asked-authority to reimburse these men at 6334.00 per month <br />for George, and $309 per Nonth of Dog, durir$ the time they are working cc Bank's motion that1 the reqyesl; be <br />I <br />tfmporary wage increase. 1 <br />on a permanent basis, stating that while many applications had been received, <br />1 <br />F* <br />1. <br />He also reported that the-Company is_-now fi&Eng <br />No a9tion taken. <br />1- <br />c <br />I*== OF WCIKL "i!II?G OF THE <br />EDINB lIIU@ COl?lCIL,. HEtD 14?JNES?AY, <br />E.zAy 19,. 19!&, ,AT 7230 P&L, AT .THE .. - <br />I <br />1 <br />XDINA-VII@GE- HALL . . , .. - *-- -* " <br />Pursuant to due call and notice the meeting vas convened at 7:30 P.f%, in the <br />Vi-llage Hall, with members Bredesen, Child and Bank answexGng~BollcaJ.1, for <br />the purpose of granting the request of Police Desk Dispatcher and Custodian <br />l?Sl.,iam S. Heydt for a Hearing on his d$sinissal from public service. <br />Attorney -Strong regresent ed Heydt, and Village Attorney Windhorst and <br />Asst. VilJage Attorney Windhorst. represented the Village. <br />I ... <br />. <br />Officers Kenneth Grandee and Bert Xerfeld, Hildi& Dahl and ITilliam S. Heydt, <br />and Police Captak NcGarg were all head by the Council with regard to the <br />police matter of Bkq 5; tape-recordings being made. <br />Ers. A.F. Plotnidkg, 5525 Kellogg Avenue, presented letter ask& that Council <br />reconsider..its dismissal action of *May 10, C" <br />Nayor Pro-Tem Chad then annokced that ophions fromethe audience would not <br />be heard unless 35?. Heydt s Attorney, or the <br />and Bank moved that Hearing be adjou <br />carried. <br />P <br />c I <br />!