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6/4/55 2 1 3‘ <br />1 &. Hyde recommended employment of Pk. Edward Lorenz, at $3.75 per hour, for <br />negotia%ion and condemnation work on right-of-way for aboye named improvements e <br />Tupa moved for authorization of employment of Nr. Lorenz as recommended by <br />Xr. Hyde. Xotion seconded by Fronk and carried. - <br />*?, <br />There being no farther business to come before this special meeting, Tupa moved ” <br />for adjournment. <br />8:4O P.1L <br />Notion seconded by Fronk ana carried. Keeting adjourned at <br />-c <br />’ Village Clerk - <br />l4I”B 05 THZ .i33GUUE IcmXl$G OF THE <br />EDDU VILLAGE ~ CpUifCLs, I@ll il.;Oi$h%Y, JW-13,:1955, .AT 7:30 P*E.,. A.T.THE; <br />XDJNI VUG HALL - .. a -I -- <br />Invocation was given by Revoh Spe& of st. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, <br />IIembers agswering Rollc&l were Danens, Fronk, Tupa and Erickson, <br />Fronk’s motion, approving iGnutes of Neetings of Nay 23 and June 6, 1955, was <br />seconded by Tupa, and carried. <br />... I <br />First matter on the agenda was the*Continuation of the Nay 23rd Public Bearing on <br />%he Proposed Vacation of a portion of-Sden Avenue. Affidavits of Publication and <br />Posting of Notice irere read by Clerk, approved as to form and ordered placed on <br />file; and audience was appraised of the Council’s Kay 23rd action continuing said <br />Hearing to this date. Engineer Joseph Zikan presented plan shoving proposed <br />Vacation. June 9th letter, from Board of Directors of Edina Civic and Improve- - <br />ment Association, objecting to re-routing of Eden Avenue and the abandoning of <br />any village property in this connection, was read.. 1-k. Iiibbert Hill. of the Traffic <br />Commtttee of the Civic md Improvement Association supported this letter, stating <br />that the Committee is opposed - 1. Eecause it objects to the abzndonmcnt of any <br />Villsge property which might be useful.,- 2, Because it feels that the proposed <br />change does not in my way improve safety conditions at that comer; rather, that <br />it makes them worse. k Kr. ,Carlson asked whether Righriay Departnent plans Bd been <br />considered. Ibke IJcCubrey of _the Stete Highway Department stated that the Depart- <br />ment has long been confronted with the necessity of finding better entrznces from <br />the Trunk Highways into the Village and that the Department feels that the Village <br />should give. this matter very serious consideration before ta$ing any action to - <br />dispose of this land. I!+ir. Philip Neville, representing Edina Holding Company, <br />rminded Council that the contract-between Village znd Company had not been <br />ini‘ciated by the- Company. <br />is a matter, initially, o$ discretion of this VQlage Council as to whether or not <br />they rvill vaczte a, street:; that, having made ,this contrect, Couplcil has exercised <br />this discretion; that Company has paid $4,000 of the estimated cost of $5,400 <br />necessary to put in a new road and is ready, willing and able to pay the balance <br />in accordance with terns of contract; that it is the Company’s position thateit <br />has, a. binding contmct with the Village and that the Villege .has agreed that it <br />will proceed in good faith and with its best efforts to secure vacation of that <br />portion of Eden Avenue described.‘ 14~~~ Heville stated that, inasmuch as State <br />Highway Plans for Xden Avenue are on either a one-to-five or five-to-ten year <br />basis, it is the Companrts position that this is not legal grounds for evading the <br />contract. <br />which they must secure by this contract, or by attenp’cing to make a low-level. lot, <br />which will necessitate renoval of sone $12,000 worth of tennis. courts; that, there- <br />fore, the Company vi511 have to look to Village for such damages as %rill occur if <br />there is breach of coptract., 3Ir. Heville stated that his Board of Directors has <br />instructed him to say that he is not here to,mive any rights the C~mpany presently <br />has under’the contract; that they do not believe that Village can void this contract <br />on the prospect that someday the Highway might go through. <br />2.Jindhorst maintained that the the agreement. was made contingent upon the Vacakion <br />of Eden llvenue and that, if Village Council felt it to be contrary to the public <br />interest to vacate, agreement could be nullified upon ret.urn to the Company of <br />the $4,000 deposit. <br />that. Council consider a compromise arrangement jqhich would allow parking on the <br />fifteen-foot boulevard on the Village Hall side of Zden livenue, with the under- <br />standing that if the Highway should not go through the group be permitted to <br />consider contract in status guo. <br />one thing 2% a time; that proposed.Vacation be considered, now. <br />proposed vacation of a portion of Eden Avenue be rejected. <br />Danens and carried.- <br />v‘ <br />’ <br />He stated that it is the Company’s judgment thzt this <br />I <br />Rr. Neville stated that the Country Club needs additional parLcing space- <br />Village Attorney <br />I&. Neville disputed Kr . Windhorst 1 s openion; then asked <br />Trustee %pa suggested that Council dispose of <br />Fronk moved %hat <br />3Iation seconded by <br />*