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10/28/57 <br />MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE EDXNA VTLLAGE <br />COUNCIL, HELD MONDAY, OCTOBER 28, 1957, AT 7:30 P.M., <br />AT THE EDINA VILLAGE HALL I <br />\ <br />Members answering Rollcall were Bank, Dickson, Fronk and Tupa. <br />Fronk presided. <br />Mayor Pro Tem <br />Dickson's motion, approving Minutes of Meeting of October 14, 1957, as submitted, <br />was seconded by Tupa, with the suggestion that said Minutes be clarified by the <br />following Additions: MINUTE BOOK 20, PAGES 285 AND 286 - "STOW'S EDGEMOOR ADDITIQN-IMPROVENENTS AND <br />ZONING" <br />Par. 3 - Actual date of receipt of Banister Report - This being August 26, 1957. <br />Realty Corrpany,Rees-Thomson-Scroggins,J.Bloomberg, R.J. Stone. <br />Par. 4 - Date of Adoption of Policy on Financing Sewer and Water - This being <br />July 6, 1955 (Planning Commission); July 11, 1955, by the Council, <br />being confirmed May 27, 1957 by the Council. - Warnings issued to developers - This being in conversation at time <br />preliminary plats were filed, as reported at this meeting by Manager <br />Hyde; supplemented by letters written to those developers who had <br />sewer and watermain petitions in this office on March 12, 1957, as <br />follows: Darcy Leck; Normandale Development Corp.; Pearson Bros.; <br />Coffman Realty Company; Helmer Smilden; Roy H. Peterson; Bruce Yund; <br />S & H Construction Co.; Southdale Realty; J.E. Boran; John E. Bloomberg; <br />and Rosendahl Company. <br />- Other developers actually paying engineering fees - This being Southdale <br />Motion caraied. <br />PUBLIC HEARING ON PROPOSED REZONING FROM "COMMUNITY STORE DISTRICT" TO*'OPEN <br />DEVELOPMENT" DISTRICT - LOTS 2 AND 3, BLOCK 1, EDENMWR (5237 and 5241 Eden <br />Avenue )Aff idavits of Publication of Notice of Hearing in Edina-Morningside <br />Courier October 17 and 24, of Posting on October 15, and of Mailing on <br />October 15, 1957, were submitted, approved as to form and ordered placed on <br />file. <br />rezoning from Community Store District to Open Development of Lots 2 and 3, <br />Block 1, Edenmoor (5237 and 5241 Eden Avenue). <br />Council and the audience the events leading up to the original rezoning of this <br />property from Open Development to Community Store District. <br />that the owners, Gebo and Anderson, had presented plans for a window shade display <br />room for this corner at the time it had been rezoned to Community Store District <br />(in 1952); that, now, application for permmt for a gasoline service station for <br />the property had been received. <br />Gebo and Anderson, explained that a window shade display room had been planned <br />but that the Company planning to erect the building had changed its plans. It <br />was brought out in discussion that Cities Service Oil company had informally <br />applied for a permit in 1956, but that they had been requested to consult with <br />the State Highway Department concerning its plans for relocation of Highway #169; <br />that present "tentative" plans show that the highway will be located South of <br />this property. <br />inspected by them, or, as far as they know, have not been approved by the <br />Highway Commissioner. <br />5260 Richwood Drive; F.A. Pearson, 5256 Richwood Drive; J.H. Grinnell, 5229 <br />Richwood Drive; C.L. Thompson, 5252 Richwood Drive; L.W. Samuelson, Jr., 5204 <br />Richwood Drive, and George P. Lundblad, 5308 Vernon Avenue, objected on the <br />grounds that permitting construction of a service station will: (1) R'love <br />commercial operation 350 to 400 feet closer to a built-up and substantial <br />residential section. <br />because Sherwood Road is the only entrance to this area. <br />hazard by adding traffic at the already congested Highway #169-Eden Avenue-Sherwood <br />Road Intersection. (4) Be a safety hazard to the children walking to Highway #169 <br />to take school busses. (5) Add to an already unprofitable gasoline service station <br />operation, ineamuch as there are now four stations within an area of two or three <br />blocks which cannot do sufficient business to keep their tenants. <br />lack of good planning by the Council because Highway #169 plans have not yet been <br />completely formulated and because erection of a service station contiguous to a <br />park "does not show much sense". (7) Be an eyesore because of the debris usually <br />a part of service station operation. <br />to the present highway, the commercial and industrial operations around it, and <br />the residential section south of it, was reviewed. <br />I <br />Pursuant to said Notices, Public Hearing was called on the proposed <br />Manager Hyde reviewed for the <br />He told the audience <br />Mr. William C. Kelly, Attorney for Messrs. <br />The Council informed the audience that such plans had not been <br />Messrs. J.E. Larson, 5244 Richwood Drive; R.F.D.Johnson, <br />(2) Devaluate residential property in the Richwood area <br />(3) Prove a bad traffic <br />(6) Show a <br />Location of the proposed station, in relation <br />Bank then moved that the