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5/16/58 $49 MINUTES OF THE JOINT PLANNING COIdMISSION-COUNCIL <br />MEETING, HELD FRIDAY, MAY 16, 1958, AT 4:30 P.M., <br />AT THE EDINA VILLAGE HALL <br />Meeting was convened for the purpose of discussion and action on request of Lake <br />Cornelia Company for permit for Apartment Buildings, North of W.66th Street and <br />East of the Medical Center. <br />Planning Commission Members answering Rollcall were Todd and Gustafson. <br />Council Members answering Rollcall were Bank, Dickson, Kohler, Tupa and Bredesen. <br />Manager Hyde, Engineer Zikan, and Planning Director Swanson were also present, as <br />well as Messrs. Crabb, Braddock, Pearson and Samuelson representing Lake Cornelia <br />Company. <br />LAKE CORNELIA COMPANY (SOUTHDALE) APARTMENTS. 1 <br />The two main obstacles to issuing the permits were: <br />1. <br />2. <br />Failure to file the required plat. <br />Non-conformance of dwelling areas of one-bedroom apartments with <br />Multiple Dwelling Ordinance proposed to be adopted; although present <br />ordinance makes no specific requirements. <br />Lake Cornelia Company representatives stated they feel that the matter of the plat <br />is a technicality because the entire apartment development is under one ownership; <br />but that they have attempted to comply with the ordinance by filing a Preliminary <br />Plat for the Planning Commission's consideration at its last meeting. <br />Chairman Todd of the Commission explained that Plat had not been submitted until <br />late in the evening of the meeting, when there was no longer a qborum present; that <br />the Commission took no action except to call Council's attention to fact that plans <br />do not meet some of the requirements of the proposed Multiple Dwelling Ordinance. <br />Considerable discussion was had on the matter of requirements for platting, includ- <br />ing provisions for sanitary and storm sewers and watermains. <br />Council's attention that the best and most economical method of installing sanitary <br />sewer and watermain utilities is through the Katherine Pearce property; and <br />consensus of Council opinion was that condemnation proceedings should be <br />initiated to provide easements for said utilities. <br />on this matter, however. <br />Company agreed to file a bond guaranteeing the filing of a plat in accordance with <br />platting regulations. <br />It was called to <br />Formal action was not taken <br />Company representatives told the meeting that they are now re-designing their plans <br />to conform, insofar as is possible, with area requirements set forth in the proposed <br />Multiple Dwelling Ordinance, but that the largest they can make their one-bedroom <br />apartments is 505 to 526 square feet (the proposed Ordinance requires 700 square <br />feet). <br />money for construction of apartments, which shows that the average for one-bedroom <br />apartments is 548 square feet; also, that the average area of apartments in the <br />metropolitan area covered in plans checked by this office is 530 square feet. <br />was agreed by those Commission members present and the council that the proposed <br />700 square-foot requirement seems high -in view of these figures. <br />Trustee Kohler reported on his survey of several insurance companies lending <br />It <br />Discussion was also had on the matter of the stairways, Company representatives <br />informing the meeting that they are "fire" stairways, fully enclosed, with a door <br />at each level, as per instructions by the Village Building Inspector. <br />The matter of delaying issuance of permit pending adoption of the Multiple Dwelling <br />Ordinance was discussed at some length, the attorneys present agreeing with Manager <br />Hyde that such action is not legal and could involve the Village in action for <br />damages . <br />Bank's motion, instructing issuance of permits subject to checks by all departments <br />involved, was seconded by Dickson and carried. <br />ADOPTION OF MULTIPLE DWELLING ORDINANCE URGED. <br />the Council, that the Planning Commission do everything in its power to get this <br />Trustee Kohler asked, on behalf of <br />Ordinance into shape for final consideration and adoption by the Council. <br />PETITION FOR CURB AID GUTTER ACCEPTED. <br />for Curb and Gutter in Fairfax Avenue between W.Woodland Road and W.58th Street, <br />Engineer Zikan reported receipt of Petition <br />asking that Council accept it. <br />been awarded to Craig J. Alexander, who wishes to begin work; that Blacktop should <br />be preceded by Curb and Gutter. <br />ordered to delay work until Curb and Gutter could be processed. <br />accepting petition. <br />Dickson's motion for adjournment was <br />adjourned at 5:55 P.M. <br />He explained that Blacktop Contract has already <br />Manager Hyde recommended that Contractor be <br />Kohler moved, <br />Motion seconded by Tupa and carried.