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7/9/62 <br />HINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL, HELD MONDAY, <br />JULY 9, 1962, AT 7:OO P.M., AT TdE <br />EDINA VILLAGE HALL <br />Members answering Rollcall were Dickson , Macl4illan , Tupa , VanValkenburg and <br />Bredesen. <br />HEARING POSTPONEtlEN,TS ANNOUMCED , <br />following Public Hearings scheduled for this meeting: <br />Mayor i3redesen announced postponement of the <br />1. <br />IN f.1.59TH ST. FRO1.I. CONCORD TO, OAKLAW: W,6OTH. ST. FRON COriCORD TO UOODDALE: AND <br />CONCORD AVE,., FFOt.1 VALLEY VIE;? ROAD TO W.6OTH. STREET,. <br />this is the Village's first attempt to propose an assessment to non-abutting <br />properties for the improvement of cross streets; that, although notice of 'hearing <br />was published, mailed notices were not sent because there is still work to be done <br />on the proposed formula for assessment; that streets are in need of surfacing and <br />project must be done some tine, and that as soon as assessment formula is firmly <br />worked out, the project should be scheduled for Hearing. <br />has now been filed by residents abutting W.6Oth Street between Concord Avenue and <br />blooddale Avenue, objecting to any assessment for the surfacing of W.6Oth Street; <br />and asked that project be postponed indefinitely. <br />PU13LIC HEARING ON PROPOSED STREET SURFACING ATID COIICRZTE CURB AND GUTTER <br />Manager Hyde reported that <br />He added that a Petition <br />It was so ordered. <br />2. PUSLIC ilEARiNG Oi4 PROPOSED WATERNAIN I14 XERXES AVENUE FROH V. 66TH STP+ET <br />TO W.70TH STREET: W.71S??. STREET TO W.71-1/2 STREET: AND FROEI UASHBURIf CIRCLE TO <br />21.78TH.STRE;ET. <br />for an indicatyon from Richfield as to the method of payment to be required for <br />connection to the main. <br />attorney and public works director, and that both feel there is every likelihood <br />that Richfield will a1lor.I payment of a connection charge at time of connection, and <br />will not insist upon an assessment; that the Richfield Council may consider Tnis - <br />matter tonight. He suggested that Hearing be continued to August 13, for a commit- <br />ment by the Richfield Council. Notion saconded by NacE4illan and <br />carried. <br />This Public Hearing had been continued to this meeting from June 11, <br />. Hanager Hyde reported that he has talked with Richfield's <br />Tupa so moved. <br />I HINUTES of the Regular Meeting of June 25, 1962, were approved as submitted, by <br />motipn VanValkenburg, seconded by Dickson and carried. <br />PU3LIC HEARIXGS - CONDUCTED 014 PROPOSED IMPROVENEWTS <br />of Publication ixdina-Norningside Courier June 28 and July 5, 1962, and of Mailing <br />of I'lotice to affected property owners, which affidavits were approved as to form and <br />ordered placed on file, <br />conducted, and action was taken as hereinafter recorded: <br />Clerk pressnted Affidavits - <br />Pursuant to Notice, the following Public iiearings were <br />1. PUBLIC HEARING ON PROPOSED CONSTRUCTION OF STORM SEkER AND APPURTEMNKES <br />IN SCHAEFER- ROAD FFOM A, POND Or4, THE WEST SIDE OF SCHAEFER ROAD AT A POINT 15' i4ORTH- <br />0F:THE S.?l. CORNER OF LOT 25, AUD, SUaD, #325 TO A POND 03 THE EAST SIDE OF SCHAEFER <br />RD. AT A POii4T 233.5T IJORTH OF THE S.W. CORNER OF SAID LOT 25, Vu-Grapn Slide was <br />shovm of proposed route of improvement, and proposed assessment district, <br />Hyde explained that this project is being proposed by the Village because of a <br />problem which exists in Schaefer Road abutting the Rice property, and the complaints <br />and requests for pumping each time there is a heavy rain, and also because tho <br />ponding at this point makes it difficult to maintain the surface, <br />of the project was given as $8,383.76, proposed to be assessed against 184,760 Sq. <br />Ft., for $.0454 per Sq. Ft. <br />proposal for drainage <br />built across a swamp; that he had built a shoulder about twelve feet from the edge <br />of the road, made a pond out of the swamp, and had planted trees to beautify the <br />property; that Harold Schaefer had subsequently installed a tile down the side of <br />the road to the south pond; that the Gas Company had dug up the tile in 1952 but <br />there was no record of their having replaced it. Dr. Rice told Council there had <br />been little trouble until last year, when the Rices lost three trees; that the <br />Village had asked permission to open the culvert this year (culvert draining from <br />west to east, on Schaefer property), and that this permission had been granted, and <br />the VLllaga had subsequently pumped on three different occasions. <br />for the amount of this year's pumping bill ($145) he could afford to pay the full <br />bill each year for forty years, for the amount of his assessment far tho proposed <br />storm sewer. F4anager Hyde asked if it would be feasible to just bring the drain <br />down the side of the road to where it used to be, and Public Borks Director Gans <br />re;oorted that the matter of a former drain tile is still a moot point, because of <br />the fact that there is a six-foot difference in ground levels between the high <br />point between the two ponds and the ponds themselves, Adding that the Village <br />Engineering Department has a definite responsibility to save General Fund moneys <br />wlnere a serious road maintenance problem exists, Captain Gans reported that the <br />tlaintenance Superintendent finds Schaefer Road such a maintenance problem; that <br />Manager <br />Estimated Cost <br />Dr. Carl Rice, who stated he had submitted a counter <br />of the street, reported that years ago the road had been <br />Ke added that