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11/2/64 26 1. <br />to execute leases thereof in the name of this corporation, to amend or cancel said <br />leases, to exchange or surrender the safes, and in all other respects to represent <br />this Village. <br />\ <br />a, aye; Rixe, aye; <br />HENNEPIN COUNTY LEAGUE OF TOWNS AND MUNICIPALITIES DUES. <br />had paid its dues to this organization and asked whether or not it wouldn't be <br />advisable for Edina to pay its dues in order to have representation. Mr. Hyde <br />replied that Mayor Bredesen had written a letter to the League president and <br />to the Mayor of St. Louis Park. <br />dues would be adjusted to the level of the 1964 dues and that inteznal steps would <br />be taken to make such a reduction possible. <br />Tupa noted that Minneapolis <br />' <br />The latter provided Hyde with assurance that the <br />WEST 70TH STREET AND HIGHWAY LOO TRAFFIC SIGNALS' INSTALLATION QUESTIONED. <br />MacMillan asked what was the cause for delay in the installation of traffic signals <br />at West 70th Street and Highway 1.00. Engineer Hite advised that the delivery of <br />suspension arms had been unduly delayed, and the insta1Jation was expected to be <br />completed within the next ten days. <br />. CLAIMS PAID. <br />dated November 2, 1964:. General Fund, $4,943.57; Construction Fund, $40.00; <br />Park Construction Fund, Park, Golf Course, $5,163.61; Water Fund, $17,360.22; <br />Liquor Fund, $54,4.75.46i; Sewer Rental Fund, $378.05 - TOTAL $82,358.91; was <br />seconded by Rixe and carried. <br />Tupa's motion, for payment of the following claims, as per Pre-List <br />. <br />Council having covered its agenda, MacMillan moved for adjournment. Motion <br />> any two of whom shall have full authority to enter said safes and,to make deposits <br />therein or remove any part of or all of the contents thereof, to rent safes and <br />TOTAL <br />seconded by VanValkenburg and <br />MINUTES OF MEETING OF CANVASSDIG BOARD FOR <br />EDINA VILLAGE ELECTION, HELD TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 1964, <br />AT EDINA VILLAGE HALL AT 5:OO P.M. <br />Meeting convened at 5:OO P.M., at the Village Hall with Council Members Tupa, <br />MaclrIillan, and Mayor Bredesen acting as Canvassing Board for Village Election <br />for this date, Thursday, November 5, 1964. <br />voting machine-s in the eight voting districts, comparing them with the returns of <br />Election Judges; and it was then moved, seconded and carried that Canvassing Board <br />finds the returns made by Election Judges to have been corrected in all cases, and <br />certifies the returns of the Village Election held November 3, 1964, to be as <br />follows: <br />Members canvassed returns of the <br />TRUSTEE (1) - TERM THREE YEARS <br />VOTING DISTRICT NO. : <br />1. Wooddale School <br />2. Village Hall <br />3. Junior High <br />4. Concord School <br />5. Cahill School <br />6. <br />7. Edina Highlands School <br />8. Cornelia School <br />Shepherd of the Hills Church <br />HUGH J. NORMBN A. ROBERT K. <br />MAC MILLAN SETTER WILLIAMS <br />900 258 137 <br />391 244 775 <br />838 433. 176 <br />.. <br />1014 619 218 <br />843 294 170 <br />185 384 41 <br />747 374 132 , <br />201. - 800 233 -