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238 / 10/20/66 <br />MINUTES OF THE SPECIAL MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL HELD AT THE VILLAGE HALL <br />ON 'THURSDAY , OCTOBER 20 AT 4: 30 O'CLOCK <br />IJIembers answering Rollcall were Trustees Johnson, Tupa, VanValkenburg and Mayor <br />Bredesen. <br />AGREEMENT REACHED WITH SUPERAWERICA ON RIGHT-OF-WAY ACQUISITION . <br />Council that following a meeting between Billage and Superamerica officials, an <br />agreement has been worked out with Superamerica which solves most of the poblems <br />relative to right-of-way acquisition for Link and Service Roads. This agreement <br />provides for elimination of Pqragraph C of the original offer number one submitted <br />by Superamerica, sets cost of-right-of-way acquisition for Link Road at $9,000:: <br />and'cost of right-of-way acquisition for Service Road at $3,000, reflecting a <br />reduction in the total cost of $3,000. <br />be understood that theFe was no comroitmeflt.€or,construction of.the proposed Service <br />Road but that,a hearing on that improvement would be held on November 21. <br />stated that because future'area development plans are uncertain, the only portiona <br />of the Service Road that will be considered at that hearing is the portion i? front <br />of Superamerica and Shell properties and just north of the south property line of the <br />Kroger property. <br />proceedings of the meeting thus far. <br />14~. Hite statqd that estimated cost of land acquisition for right-of-way access on <br />-the Shell property would be approximately $12,000. <br />to proposed methods of assessment for Link and Service Roads as yell as the Vernon <br />Avenue improvement. <br />ment will be paid from State funds and that it 'is proposgd that owners of private <br />property on Hankerson Avenue would not be assessed for this improvement. Discussion <br />with 14r. A, 14. Hamren and Mr. Charles Horn, representing Superamerica, as to whether <br />transfer of the property in question should be accomplished by easement or by <br />warranty deed. <br />with the understanding that if the property should, at any time in the future, be <br />used for any purpose other than roadway, the Village should be reimbursed for the <br />cost and the property would revert to the then owner, <br />motion for approval of the agreement as finally presented, providing that taxes be <br />paid by seller for the particular year of closing and for right of immediate entry <br />for purposes of road construction was seconded by Trustee Macblillan and unanimously <br />carried. <br />GRANDVIEW IMPROVEMENT BIDS AWARDED. <br />Trustee Johnson and carried, bid for Storm Sewer Improvement No, 93 and Street <br />Improvement No. E-19 was awarded to recommended low bidder, Bury and Carlson, for <br />the amount of $97,834.58. <br />I-lr . Hyde advised <br />I Wayor Bredesen pointed out that it should* <br />klr. Hite - <br />Trustee MacElillan arrived at this point and*was advised of <br />In reply to a quqstion of Trustee Johnson, <br />General discussion ensued relative <br />Mr. Hite recalled 50 Council that 80% of the Vernon Avenue Irnprove- <br />* It was determined .that transfer should be negotiated by easement <br />Trustee VanValkenburg's <br />Upon motioi of =ustee Tupa, seconded by <br />HARRY 3. BEEGLE APPOINTED TO PLANNING COI4MISSION. <br />seconded by Trustee Johnson and carried, appointment of Mr. Harry J. Beegle to <br />Upon mot,ion of Trustee Tupa, <br />Planning Commission was unanimously confirmed. .. <br /># . lrAA1l RATING FOR SCHOOL DISTRICT BONDS' by Standard and Poor was announced by Nr. Hyde. <br />SNOtI PLOWS TO BE PURCHASED. Upon request of Nr. Hyde fqr authqrity to purchase two <br />new snow plows at $625 each, Trustee Tupa's motion for approval ofthe purchase was <br />seconded by Trustee Johnson and unanimously capried. <br />ST. LOUIS PARK SCHOOL BOARD INTEREST RENEWED IN MORNINGSIDE-PROPERTY. <br />advised Council that St. Louis Park School Board had indicated renewed interest in <br />construction of a school on property which it owns east of Natchez Avenue and south <br />of West 41st Street. <br />within the next two or three weeks relative to the storm sewer agreement with <br />14inneapolis at which time it will be determined whether the schpol could be <br />constructed without causing possible flood damage to surrounding homes. <br />also indicated that any plans for the school should first be presented to the <br />Planning Commission. <br />14r. Hyde <br />Hr. Hyde further stated that a report would be forthcoming <br />Mr . Hyde <br />No further business appearing, Trustee VanValkenburg's motion for adjownment was <br />seconded by Trustee Tupa and carried. Adjournment at 5:45 P.M. <br />..