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in <br />MINUTES OF REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL HELD AT VILLAGE HALL ON <br />MONDAY, JANUARY :U , 1970 <br />Members answering rollcall were Councilmen Courtney, Johnson, Shaw, VanValken- <br />burg and Mayor Bredesen. <br />MINUTES of December 15, 1969 and of January 5, 1970, were approved as submitted. <br />Minutes of December 29, 1969, were corrected to read that the "Resolution Edt <br />ablishing Council Salaries for 1970" was offered by Councilman Courtney, and <br />seconded by Councilman Shaw. <br />ORDINANCE N0. 261 -200 GRANTED FIRST READING. Mayor Bredesen recalled that the <br />request of Mr. William J. Olsen for zoning change for property located South <br />_ of West 62nd Street, West of Countryside Park_ and North of the Crosstown High- <br />way from R -1 Residential District to Planned Residential District had been - <br />continued from December 15, 1969. Mr. Robert P. Neumann,.5816 W. 61st Street, <br />was advised by Mayor Bredesen that at the meeting of December 15, he had thought <br />_that some compromise could be worked out which would be to the satisfaction of <br />the majority of property owners, but that several suggestions for compromise hdd <br />not proved successful. He recalled that an agreement had been presented by Mr. <br />Olsen to the Council and that this agreement is being considered tonight. <br />Mayor Bredesen referred to a letter which had-been sent to Mr. and Mrs. Jack <br />Yarger, 6020 Arbour Avenue, in reply to questions raised by them,'which letter <br />is hereby made a part of these Minutes. Mr. Yarger said that he is not unalter- <br />ably opposed to town houses, but feels that the agreement under consideration <br />between the Village and Mr. Olsen represents too much of an infringement on <br />neighboring propertym´┐Żs. In reply to Mr. Yarger's allegation that -'a <br />Planning Commissionj, Mr. David J. Griswold, had a "conflict 6f interest" in pro- <br />perty immediately adjacent to the property presently under consideration, Mayor <br />Bredesen noted that Mr. Griswold had explained that his only interest had been <br />as an architect working for the owners of that property and that he had been <br />assured some interest in the property in lieu of a fee, if the property should <br />develop favorably. Mayor Bredesen emphasized that Mr. Griswold had served the <br />Village honorably and well over a long period of time and.that last fall Mr. <br />Griswold had indicated that he would not accept reappointment to the Planning <br />Commission when his term expires on February 1, 1970. Mr. Donald Bunker, <br />5841 Jeff Place, said that there are many reasons for denying the zoning <br />change, noting particularly that the petition submitted to Council had 1,150 <br />signatures, signifying that Edina people are not interested in this type of <br />zoning in the Village and that additional town houses might be built in the <br />area once this original rezoning was approved. He questioned the cost involved <br />in moving the location of the dike. Mr. John Domarek, 5229 Richwood Drive, <br />said that he represents 48 members of the Richmond Hills Improvement Association' <br />who are violently opposed to the proposed zoning. Mr. Josiah Brill, Jr., repres- <br />enting Mr. Olsen, presented a drawing showing town house clusters as proposed <br />by Mr. Olsen, noting that these structures are single family homes with common <br />walls, as opposed to apartments. He noted that.the units will rent for between <br />$500 and $800 per month and that taxes from such a development are anticipated <br />to run between $180,000 and $200,000 per year. Mr. Brill also pointed out that <br />town houses utilize ±and more efficiently than single family dwellings, leaving <br />apace to create a lake on the Olsen property. In reply to a question as to what <br />would happen if Mr. Olsen sold the property before it was developed, Mr. Brill <br />said that all covenants would run with the land and would restrict zoning to <br />town houses only. Mr. Bunker suggested that this matter should have been <br />brought up as a part of the entire Western Edina plan and considered by the <br />Planning Commission. Mayor Bredesen pointed out that Planning Commission had <br />responded to the feeling of residents,at the time it rejected an earlier pro- <br />posal for this property of three twenty -six story apartment towers. Mr. E. A. <br />Rippe, 5824 Olinger Road, said that he was told that the Planning Commission <br />purposely left the zoning of the Olsen property as flexible as possible in the <br />Western Edina Plan since the plan would ultimately reflect the decision of the <br />Council. Mr. Johnson said that he feels that the acquisition of the entire <br />twenty -four acres is desirable but in view of the Village Attorney's opinion, <br />he thought Council would be well advised to go along with the Olsen agreement. <br />Mr. Shaw said that some of the remarks that have been made from the floor have <br />left the impression that Mr. Griswold is still interested in the adjoining <br />property. He quoted from Mr. Griswold's letter to the Council of December 30, <br />1969, in which Mr. Griswold stated that subsequent to his participation in the <br />development of the property adjacent to that of Mr. Olsen, his client decided <br />to sell the property to a residential builder and not involve himself in a <br />real estate development. Mr. Shaw said that he hopes that the impression of <br />"conflict of interest" is dispelled by Mr. Griswold's letter and that he hopes <br />that the zoning will be considered on its own merits. In reply to a question <br />of Mr. Yarger, Mr. Schwartzbauer: said that he was not prepared to cite any <br />specific cases, but that he knew of many decisions that give the general rule <br />