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NINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL HELD AT VILLAGE HALL ON <br />JULY 3, 1972 <br />Members answering roll call were Councilmen Courtney, Shaw and Mayor Bredesen. <br />MINUTES of June 5 and June 19, 1972 were approved as submitted by motion of <br />Councilman Shaw, seconded by Councilman Courtney and carried, <br />POLICE OFFICERS CALVIN LUNDBERG AND DAVID HEMBRE COMMENDED. The Certificate <br />of Merit was awarded to Officer Calvin Lundberg by the American National Red <br />Cross on May 24, 1972, issued at Washington, D.C. Mayor Bredesen read the <br />citation for selfless and humane action in saving the life of an electrical <br />shock victim: <br />Cross first aid, responded to an emergency call. <br />electrocuted while standing on an aluminum ladder trimming a tree. <br />had made contact with an 8000 volt line. The victim had fallen about 20 feet <br />to the ground, was badly burned, and had stopped breathing. Officer Lundberg <br />immediately began mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and continued for some 20 minutes <br />until signs of life appeared. <br />critical condition but alive. <br />aid knowledge and skill saved the victim's life. <br />"On June 12, 1971, Officer Lundberg who has been trained in Red <br />The ladder <br />He found a young man had been <br />The victim was transported to a hospital in <br />There is no doubt that Officer Lundberg's first <br />For this act of mercy Officer Lundberg has been named to receive the Red Cross <br />Certificate of Merit. <br />Cross to a person who saves a life by using skills learned in a Red Cross first <br />aid, small craft, or water safety course. The Certificate bears the signatures <br />of President Nixon, Honorary Chairman, and E. Roland Harriman, Chairman of the <br />American Red Cross. <br />This is the highest award given by the American Red <br />This action exemplified the highest ideal of the concern of one human being for <br />another who is in distre'ss." <br />Officer David Hembre received a similar award from the Local Red Cross. Mr. <br />Hyde mentioned that Officer Hembre felt that his reward was seeing Scott <br />Ferguson walking around the streets of Edina. <br />LIONS CLUB BAND SHELL DONATION RECOGNIZED. Mr. Hyde stated that this donation <br />has an approximate value of $20,000. Entertainment has been provided on two <br />occasions, and weekly concerts are scheduled in the parks. Mr. Shaw and Mr. <br />Courtney have attended, commenting that it was very nice. <br />offered the following resolution, seconded by Councilman Shaw and carried. <br />Mayor Bredesen <br />- RESOLUTION OF APPRECIATION <br />WHEREAS, the Edina Lions Club has donated a "Showmobile" to the Village of <br />Edina which will make it possible for the Park and Recreation Department to <br />sponsor concerts and theatrical performances in Edina parks; and <br />WHEREAS, a young Edina citizen, Scott Crosbie, has organized a volunteer band <br />which is providing several concerts this summer and using the new l'Showmobile"; <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Edina Village Council, in behalf of all <br />the citizenry of Edina, express appreciation to the Edina Lions Club for their <br />providing a much valued band shell which is already being used for the enjoyment <br />of Edina citizens and to Scott Crosbie and members of his band for their partici- <br />pation. <br />SCOTT BERG'S ADDITION GRANTED PRELIMINARY PLAT APPROVAL. Affidavits of Notice <br />were presented, approved as to form and ordered placed on file. Mr. Luce <br />presented the proposal to divide the property into four single lots and three <br />outlots. Mr, Luce then informed the Council that the Planning Commission <br />recommended approval of the subdivision with the following modifications: <br />(1) easements for storm sewer and other utilities be shown on the final plat, <br />(2) the elimination of outlot three and the modification of right-of-way to <br />allow for the future extension of Tupa Drive and the preservation of the exist- <br />ing natural features, (3) that park land dedication in the amount of $2,100 be <br />contributed to the Village of Edina in lieu of land. <br />b <br />Dr, George Fisher, owner of Lot #7, Block 1, Braemar Hills Fifth Addition, <br />stated that although he did not receive a mailing, he was not opposed to the <br />plat. He was informed by Mr. Hyde that the Village procures ownerships from <br />the County tax records; and since Dr. Fisher purchased the property in November, <br />the mailing was probably sent to the previous owner. <br />heard, Councilman Courtney offered the following resolution and moved its <br />adop t ion: <br />No other objections being