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IENUTES OF THE REGULAR NEETING OF THE <br />EDI" VILLAGE COUNCIL HELD AT VIUAGE HALL ON <br />MARCH 19, 1973 <br />Members answering rollcall were Councilmen Courtney, Johnson, Shaw, and Van <br />Valkenburg who served as Mayor Pro Tem in the absence of Mayor Bredesen. <br />I.IINUTES of ,Ifarch 5 , 1973, were approved as submitted by motion of Councilman <br />Johnson, seconded by Councilman Courtney and carried. (See 4/2/73 correction.) <br />PUBLIC HEARINGS CONDUCTED ON VARIOUS IIPROVEM3NTS. Affidavits of Notice were <br />presented by Clerk, approved as to form and ordered placed on file. <br />having been given, public hearings were conduqted and action taken as herein- <br />after recorded: <br />A. CONSTRUCTION OF GRADING, GRAVELING, BITUMINOUS SURFACING , CONCRETE CURB -I Due notice <br />AND GU'JTER, LAND ACQUISITION; UTILITY RELOCATION, INCLUDING SPECIAL INTER- <br />SECTION CONSTRUCTION IXLTH TRAFFIC SIGNALS AT WEST 70TH STREET AND VEST <br />FRONTAGE ROAD AND 12 FOOT EXTRA WIDTH OF ?EST FRONTAGE ROAD IN THE FOLLOW- <br />ING: (BA-195) <br />Vest 70th Street from Rabun Drive to Minneapolis, Northfield and Southern <br />T.H. 100 West Frontage Road from Vest 70th Street to Netro Blvd. <br />Mr. Dunn recalled that this improvement had been discussed some time ago at the <br />time the Edina Flace property was rezoned. It was explained that the improve- <br />ment is being proposed at this time for the following reasons: <br />Frontage Road from Netro Blvd. to West 70th Street is a necessary part of the <br />proposed reconstruction of T.H. 190 from Crosstown Highway to Interstate 494; <br />2) The special intersection configuration with signalization at the inter- <br />section of Vest Frontage Road and West 70th Street was proposed by the developer <br />and accepted as a condition of the rezoning to Office Building District 0-2 of <br />the Edina Place, Inc., property which rezoning v7as approved by the Council on <br />January 18, 1971; 3) Rather than have the area in a state of construction <br />tumoil over a period of years, it is proposed to rebuild West 70th Street all <br />the way to the M.N.& S. Railroad tracks at this time. <br />estimated cost breakdown as follows : <br />Railroad fracks <br />1) The Vest <br />Mr. Dunn explained the <br />Segment Proposed to be <br />Paid by PIinn. <br />Highway Dept . <br />V170th St. lm&s RR <br />to Creek <br />Creek <br />Crossing <br />17. 70th St. <br />Creek to <br />Rabun <br />51. 70 St. <br />W.Frtg. Rd. <br />to Rabun & <br />W.Frtg. Rd. <br />70th to S. <br />end special <br />intersection <br />(IED proposed <br />construction) <br />I Proposed to be Proposed to be Total <br />Asses sed Paid from Muni- <br />cipal State Aid <br />Funds <br />$ 66,865.89 $ 63,484.11 $130,350 .OO <br />$ 50,160.00 $ 50,160.00 <br />$ 18,168.00 $ 18,168.00 <br />$ 74,170.62 $ 74,1V0.62 <br />333,083.85 F?.Frtg. Rd. <br />from South . <br />end special <br />intersection <br />to Netro Blvd. <br />(Extra 10' <br />R-0-11 and 12' <br />street width) <br />Hr. Dunn presented the proposed rates of assessment as follows: Commercial <br />property abutting 1.1, 70th Street at $68.06 per aseessable foot; Single family <br />residential property (R-1) at $12.00 per assessable foot (the normal assessment <br />€or single family residential property on improved State Aid streets); Com- <br />$ 74,170.62 $418,117.74 $113,644.11 $605,932 -47