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262 M 5: NUTE S <br />OF THE REGULAR t*lI!,ITVJ3IG OF +TklE <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL IIISLD AT CITY HALL i SEPTELIBER. 19 I 1977 <br />Answering rollcall were members Courtney, Richards, Schmidt, Shaw and Mayor <br />Van Vallcenburg <br />KENNETH ROSLAND APPOINTED CITY MANAGER TO SUCCEED T?ARF!EN C. HYDE. <br />Valkenburg announced that the new City Manager will be Kenneth E. Rosland, <br />current Director of Parks and Recreation. Mr. Rosland will take over as of <br />October 15, 1977. Mr. Hyde will serve as a special consultant until his retire- <br />ment. The Nayor advised that the Selection Committee of Helge Thonsen, William <br />Greer , Jack Rice, Warren Burke, Virginia Bodizie and Virginia Shaw , together with <br />the Council, had reviewed 130 applications. <br />The Mayor and Councilman Richards visited four in their cities and in depth ' <br />interviews were held in Edina in the process that ran from March until the present <br />time. <br />the Edina Foundation, tax equality, H.R.A., history and as a resource person for <br />the new Manager and the Council. <br />Xayor Van <br />Interviews were held with 15 to 20. <br />The Mayor announced that Pk. Hyde will work on special projects such as <br />SPECIAL ASSESSMENTS LEVIED ON PUBLIC IPfPROVEMEI?TS. Affidavits of Notice were <br />presented by Clerk, approved as to forin and ordered placed on file. Mr. Hyde <br />presented analysis of assessment as herein indicated, pursuant to due notice <br />given : <br />A. STORN SEWER INPROVEFIENT NO. ST.S-130 IN THE FOLLOWING: <br />NORTH STORM SEWER SYSTEM (PORTION OF ALTERNATE 2) <br />From Nine Mile Creek at West side of intersection of West 77th Street and <br />State Highway #lo0 to East side of Highway #lo0 for future extension of <br />existing storm sewer at Southeast corner of Lake Edina Park <br />SOUTH STOFX SEWER SYSTEM (PORTION OF ALTERNATE 3) <br />From Nine Mile Creek at West side of State Highway #lo0 at South Edina <br />boundary to East side of Highway #lo0 for future extension to existing storm <br />sewer on South Edina boundary 450 feet West of France Ave. <br />Mr. Hyde presented total construction cost at $100,530.13, proposed to be <br />assessed against 16,745.504 square feet at a cost of $.006009 per square fooc. <br />No comments were heard and none had been received prior thereto. <br />Ordering Assessment later' in lfinutes.) I (See Resolution <br />3. STREET IEPRO'\TEEIENT NO. 5-78 IS THE FOLLOIJING: <br />'Willson Road from Eden Avenue to 1050' South; <br />Eden Avenue Erom Willson Road to 300' East; <br />Grange Read frcn? Eden Avenue to I?. 50th Street; <br />I?. 50th Street from Dale Drive to West Sunnyslope Road; <br />Arcadia Avenue from Eden Avenue to W. 50th Street' <br />West Frontage Road from Eden Avenue to 1050' South; <br />Laura Avenue from Noore Avenue to Cascade Lane; <br />West Frontage Road from We 44th Street to North Edina City Limits; <br />Vernon kveniie from Arcadia Avenue to 250' Vest; <br />Sidewalk: <br />Church property. <br />Best of Frontage Road from Richmond Drive to Our Lady of Grace <br />... <br />Mr. Hyde presented analysis of assessment showing total construction cost at <br />$36,059.33, proposed to be assessed against 6359.67 assessable feet at $5.67 <br />against estimated assessment of $ 5.09 per assessable foot. Mr. Dunn assured <br />Comcil that, even though <br />the improvement was recorded on the record in the Assessor's Office and would <br />show on an assessment search. <br />had been received prior thereto. (See Resolution Ordering Assessnent later <br />in minc tes . ) <br />this improvement had been authorized in June of 1970, <br />No further comnents were heard and no objections <br />C. STREET IMPROVEMENT NO. BA-188 IN THE FOLLOWING: I East and %!st Frontage Roads T.M. 100 fron West 77th Silreet <br />Edina Industrial Blvd. to City Limits <br />Mr. Hyde presented analysis of AssessmeRt showing total construction cost <br />at $29,445.38, proposed to be assessed against 1,516.24 front feet at $32.00 <br />per assessable feet, against estimated assessment of $19.42 per assessable foot. <br />D. STREET litlPROVMENT NO. B-84 IN THE FOLLOWING: <br />North side of West 49th Street from Westbrook Lane East to Highway Right of <br />Way line. <br />Mr. Hyde presented analysis of assessment showing total construction cost at <br />$1,116.90, proposed to be assessed against 45 assesszbl-e feet at $24.82 per <br />assessable foot. Mr. Robert Reid, 4S45 IJestbrook 7,ane,.said tikt he had been <br />under the impression that his house had already been assessed for the improvement. <br />Hr. Donn explaiinml that, Although the work was done in the fall of 1971, the <br />City just received the bill, and addcd that the previous o\.mers, Xr. and Mrs. <br />Donald Johnson, had signed the petition for the improvement. Being advised thzt