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16 MINUTES OF SPECIAL BUDGET MEETING <br />OF THE EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT CITY HALL <br />SEPTEMBER 15, 1987 <br />4:30 P.M. <br />Answering rollcall were Members Kelly, Richards, Smith, Turner and Mayor Courtney. <br />HEARING CONTINUED ON 1988 CITY BUDGET. <br />budget items would be discussed at this meeting: 1) Flood situation, 2) Recycling, <br />3) Capital Budget and 4) Personnel/Comparable Worth. <br />Manager Rosland said that the following <br />Flood Situation - The Engineering Department is reviewing the areas who had major <br />flooding problems following the July 23 rainstorm to determine if things can be <br />done "engineering-wise" to improve those areas. <br />assessment process in the past for any public improvements. <br />attach to the utility fund certain amounts of money on an annual basis to provide <br />for upgrading the storm sewer system where needed. <br />Recycling - Janet Chandler, Recycling Coordinator, responded to two questions that <br />had been raised by the Council. #1 - What would happen if Hennepin County set up <br />a recycling program in the City of Edina and charged those costs back to the City? <br />In talking with Hennepin County they said they no official policy has been set up <br />to cover thatpossibility. The county would come in and design the program and <br />charge the costs back and the City could apply for funding as we are doing now. <br />#2 - Whether or not a recycling pick-up program could pay for itself. . It probably <br />could not according to a Citizen's League Report on the economics of recycling. <br />Capital Budget - Manager Rosland reviewed the Capital Budget by line item, <br />pointing out basic key changes in the 8-year Plan and noting items that are <br />deferred to later years. <br />City Hall. <br />would maintain the infrastructure in sound condition in keeping with the City's <br />Mission Statement. <br />discussed were the CityIs water supply needs, the Pavilion's ice-making system, <br />and special equipment needs. <br />Personnel/Comparable Worth - The 1988 Budget proposes a 4% cost of living increase <br />in salaries. Ceil Smith, Assistant to Manager, presented a report on the City's <br />Comparable Worth Study covering background, the study, analysis of study data and <br />recommendation. The recommendation would require an adjustment of $217,000 to be <br />phased in over a three year period. <br />proposed. <br />in the study. <br />Also presented and reviewed were budget allocations for Central Services. Manager <br />Rosland explained that all expenditures for these services are lumped together and <br />then allocated back to departments. <br />Projected revenues totaling $11,957,806 for 1988 were presented consisting of <br />taxes (real and personal property), licenses and permits, fees and charges, and <br />intergovernmental aid. Changes identified were increases in municipal court <br />fines, insurance dividends, registration fees - swimming and activities, services - HRA and a decrease in contribution from liquor fund. <br />I The City has followed the <br />It is proposed to <br />He stressed the importance of the proposed addition to <br />The question was raised as to whether the Capital Budget as'presented <br />Manager Rosland responded that it would within reason. Also <br />b <br />I <br />f <br />For 1988 an adjustment of $67,000 is <br />The goal is to bring all positions within the 10% corridor identified <br />Review of proposed budget requests for Mayor and Council concluded the meeting. . <br />The 1988 Budget hearing was continued to September 17, 1987 at 4:30 p.m. <br />formal action was taken. <br />No . <br />Adjourned at 6:30 p.m. <br />-%&%WL <br />City Clerk