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Agenda <br />Transportation Commission <br />City Of Edina, Minnesota <br />City Hall, Community Room <br />Thursday, December 19, 2019 <br />6:00 PM <br />I.Call To Order <br />II.Roll Call <br />III.Approval Of Meeting Agenda <br />IV.Approval Of Meeting Minutes <br />A.Approval of Minutes - Regular Meeting of November 21, 2019 <br />V.Community Comment <br />During "Community Comment," the Board/Commission will invite residents to share relevant issues <br />or concerns. Individuals must limit their comments to three minutes. The Chair may limit the <br />number of speakers on the same issue in the interest of time and topic. Generally speaking, items <br />that are elsewhere on tonight's agenda may not be addressed during Community Comment. <br />Individuals should not expect the Chair or Board/Commission Members to respond to their <br />comments tonight. Instead, the Board/Commission might refer the matter to sta% for <br />consideration at a future meeting. <br />VI.Reports/Recommendations <br />A.Tra&c Safety Report of December 3, 2019 <br />B.Draft Equity Criteria for Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety (PACS) <br />Fund Projects <br />C.Dockless Bicycle- and Scooter-Sharing Pilot Program Update <br />D.West 72nd Street Pedestrian Safety Assessment Engagement <br />Report <br />E.2019 Work Plan Updates <br />F.2020 Work Plan Review <br />VII.Chair And Member Comments <br />VIII.Sta8 Comments <br />IX.Calendar Of Events <br />A.Schedule of Upcoming Meetings and Events as of December 13, <br />2019