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MINUTES <br /> OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br /> EDINA CITY COUNCIL <br /> HELD AT CITY HALL <br /> JUNE 19, 2007 <br /> 7:00 P.M. <br /> ROLLCALL Answering rollcall were Members Bennett, Housh, Masica, Swenson and Mayor <br /> Hovland. <br /> CONSENT AGENDA ITEMS APPROVED Motion made by Member Swenson and <br /> seconded by Member Masica approving the Council Consent Agenda as presented with <br /> the exception of Agenda Item No. II. D, Resolution No. 2007-67 Rescission of Tingdale <br /> Addition Plat and Final Development Plan, and noting the technical correction to page six <br /> of the regular minutes of June 5, 2007 as outlined by Member Swenson. <br /> Rollcall: <br /> Ayes: Bennett, Housh, Masica, Swenson, Hovland <br /> Motion carried. <br /> *MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF JUNE 5, 2007, WORK SESSION OF JUNE <br /> 5, 2007 APPROVED Motion made by Member Swenson and seconded by Member Masica <br /> approving as presented the Minutes of the Regular Meeting of June 5, 2007, Work Session <br /> of June 5, 2007. <br /> Motion carried on rollcall vote - five ayes. <br /> ORDINANCE NO. 2007-12 ADOPTED AMENDING SECTION 850 OF THE CITY CODE <br /> TO REQUIRE PUBLIC HEARINGS FOR CERTAIN MATTERS BY THE PLANNING <br /> COMMISSION Affidavits of publication were presented and placed on file. <br /> Planner Teague noted Edina's Code currently requires the City Council to hold public <br /> hearings on items relating to rezoning, preliminary and final development plans, and <br /> conditional use permits. The Ordinance amendment would require the Planning Commission <br /> to hold a public hearing on these same matters. <br /> Mr. Teague stated the City Council would continue to hold public hearings, however, the <br /> scope and extent of those public hearings could be determined at the discretion of the City <br /> Council at the time of the hearing. He said holding hearings at the Planning Commission <br /> would allow public input at an earlier time. <br /> The Council asked staff questions about the proposed amendment including whether <br /> holding hearings at the Planning Commission would replace the Council's hearing process, <br /> verifying that approval of the amendment would initiate an additional level of hearings, and <br /> provided comments on the expansion of due process. Staff assured the Council that holding <br /> Planning Commission hearings would not preclude the hearings currently held by the City <br /> Council. <br /> No one appeared for public comment <br /> Page 1 <br />