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MINUTES <br /> OF THE WORK SESSION OF THE <br /> EDINA CITY COUNCIL <br /> HELD AT CITY HALL <br /> JULY 21, 2009 <br /> 5:00 P.M. <br /> Mayor Hovland called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m. in the Community Room of City Hall. <br /> Answering rollcall were: Members Bennett, Brindle, Housh, Swenson and Mayor Hovland. Staff <br /> present included: Gordon Hughes, City Manager; Heather Worthington, Assistant City Manager; <br /> John Wallin, Finance Director; Eric Roggeman, Assistant Finance Director; Ceil Smith, Assistant to <br /> the City Manager; Wayne Houle, City Engineer/Public Works Director; Jesse Struve, Utility <br /> Engineer; Roger Glanzer, Utility Superintendent; David Goergen, Utility Coordinator; Jennifer <br /> Bennerotte, Communications and Marketing Director; and Debra Mangen, City Clerk. John <br /> Keprios, Park Director, entered the meeting at 5:25 p.m. Jeff Long, Deputy Police Chief, entered <br /> the meeting at 5:40 p.m. <br /> Mayor Hovland stated the purpose of the meeting was to receive a Water System Update and to <br /> begin review of the proposed Capital Improvement Program for 2010 - 2014. <br /> Engineer Houle introduced Nile Fellows and David Sheer of the Minnesota Pollution Control <br /> Agency who gave an overview of the investigation of chemicals of concern found in Edina's Well <br /> #7. They reviewed the timeline of the investigation from 2005 until the present and gave their <br /> recommendation for eliminating the chemicals of concern from the well. The proposed remedy <br /> would be to build a water treatment plant with an aeration tower that would treat four wells: three <br /> wells for iron, manganese, and vinyl chlorides and one well for iron, manganese and radium. The <br /> MPCA would fund the design of the treatment plant with the City of Edina responsible for the <br /> construction of the plant and raw water lines to the plant. Council consensus was to proceed with <br /> the design of the water treatment plant as outlined. <br /> The Council briefly reviewed the 2010 - 2014 Capital Improvement Program for the Aquatic Center, <br /> Arena, Art Center, Communications, Edinborough/Centennial Lakes, General Government, Golf <br /> Course, Liquor Stores, Park & Recreation, Public Safety, Public Works and Utilities. It was noted <br /> this was the first look at the proposed CIP and agreed that staff members would be present for <br /> more detailed review of potential projects at future work sessions. <br /> There being no further business, Mayor Hovland adjourned the meeting at 6:50 p.m. <br /> Respectfully submitted, <br /> Debra A. Mangen, ity CI <br /> Minutes approved by Edina City Council, August 3, 2009. <br /> James B. Hovland, Mayor <br />