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MINUTES <br /> OF THE WORK SESSION OF THE <br /> EDINA CITY COUNCIL <br /> HELD AT CITY HALL <br /> SEPTEMBER 1, 2009 <br /> 5:35 P.M. <br /> Mayor Hovland called the meeting to order at 5:35 p.m. in the Community Room of City Hall. <br /> Answering rollcall were: Members Bennett, Brindle, Housh, Swenson and Mayor Hovland. Staff <br /> present included: Gordon Hughes, City Manager; Heather Worthington, Assistant City Manager; <br /> John Wallin, Finance Director; Eric Roggeman, Assistant Finance Director; Ceil Smith, Assistant to <br /> the City Manager; Jennifer Bennerotte, Communications and Marketing Director; and Debra <br /> Mangen, City Clerk. <br /> Mayor Hovland stated the purpose of the meeting was to review proposed preliminary budget, levy <br /> and process that would be followed during this year's budget process. <br /> City Manager Hughes outlined the process that cities were to follow in their budget adoption <br /> process this year. He explained it differed slightly than in the past. Key points included: <br /> • Budget and Levy Meeting - Public must have an opportunity to speak, and the meeting <br /> must be a regular City Council meeting held after November 24, 2009. <br /> • Parcel specific notices will be sent to all property owners of proposed 2010 taxes. <br /> • Notice published within 30 days before the Budget and Levy Meeting. <br /> • Budget Adoption Meeting must be a regular City Council meeting held after the Budget and <br /> Levy Meeting. <br /> The Council and staff discussed the proposed 2010 budget. It was agreed that the Council would <br /> review the first draft of the 2010 Budget at their work session September 15, 2009, at 5:30 p.m. <br /> There being no further business, Mayor Hovland adjourned the meeting at 6:55 p.m. <br /> Respectfully submitted, <br /> Debra A. Mangen, Ci Cl k <br /> Minutes approved by Edina City Council, September 15, 2009. <br /> James B. Hovland, Mayor <br />