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RESOLUTIO NO. 2002-26 <br />A RESOLUTIOP <br />A CONDITIONAL US <br />CITY OF EDINA/SOU' <br />SAFETY TRAINING FACI] <br />7525 BRAEMAR <br />WHEREAS, the procedural <br />Ordinance) have been met; and <br />WHEREAS, it has been determined <br />Section 850.04 SubdAE have been satisfied; <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLV <br />grants a Conditional Use Permit to the City <br />South Metro Public Safety Training Facility at <br />Passed and adopted this 191h day of <br />ATTEST: <br />City Clerk t <br />STATE OF MINNESOTA ) <br />COUNTY OF HENNEPIN )SS <br />CITY OF EDINA ) <br />CATE 1OF <br />I, the undersigned duly appointed and acting c <br />certify that the attached and foregoing Resolu <br />Council at its Regular Meeting of March 19, 20 <br />Regular Meeting. <br />WITNESS my hand and seal of said City this <br />GRANTING <br />PERMIT FOR THE <br />H METRO PUBLIC <br />[TY ASSOCIATION AT <br />BOULEVARD <br />City of Edina <br />its of Code Section j 850 (the Zoning <br />at the Findings as required by Code <br />> that the Edina Cit Council hereby <br />Edina, to allow the construction of the <br />25 Braemar Boulevard. <br />12002. <br />4L�;J <br />Mayor <br />ITY CLERK <br />ity Clerk for the City of !Edina do hereby <br />on was duly adopted bthe Edina City <br />2, and as recorded in the Minutes of said <br />day of 4 , 20. <br />Cit Clerk <br />I y <br />City Hall (952) 927-8861 <br />4801 WEST 50TH STREET FAX (952) 826-0390 <br />EDINA, MINNESOTA 55424-1394 TDD (952) 826-0379 <br />