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WHEREAS, September 2002 is the <br />Month; and <br />WHEREAS, acknowledging that Septe <br />substance abuse treatment commun <br />and policymakers about the effective <br />financial; and <br />WHEREAS, substance use and abuse i <br />millions of Americans of all ages, racy <br />communities and which has a huge r <br />WHEREAS, substance abuse is a treat <br />as successful as the treatment of oth <br />hypertension, and asthma; and <br />WHEREAS, thousands of health care <br />recovery process and to the <br />dependence, and treatment <br />WHEREAS, the U. S. Department of Hea <br />and Mental Health Services Administrc <br />Treatment, the Office of National Drug <br />Hospital invite all residents of the City <br />and Drug Addiction Recovery Month. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that <br />Council does hereby proclaim Septer <br />NATIONAL ALCOHOL AND D <br />In the City of Edina and encourages <br />"Join the Voices of Recovery: A Call <br />and youth who are in drug and alcol <br />their families. <br />ADOPTED this 20th day of August, 2002. <br />,TION <br />hol and Drug Addiction Recovery <br />be 2002' offers individuals in the <br />ai i opportunity to educato the public <br />ies of treatment, both socl�tal and <br />I <br />a major public health problem that affects <br />and ethnic backgrounds Opnd in all <br />edi al, societal; and -economic cost; and <br />)ledisease and treatment I addiction is <br />chionic diseases such as djabetes, <br />.vi ers have dedicated them lives to the <br />i of he public about alcoh6lism, drug <br />I Human Services, Substance Abuse <br />Center for Substance Abuse <br />DI Policy and Fairview $outhdale <br />a to participate in Nailionai Alcohol <br />eity of Edina by action old its City <br />�e 2002 to be: <br />DDIOTION RECOVERY MONTH <br />ens to support this rev s theme— <br />ion"--by supporting men, women <br />fiction treatment and recovery and <br />Dennis F. Maetzold, <br />