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PRO <br />BUCKTHORN <br />WHEREAS, Buckthorn (Rhamnus) has been dec <br />it's sale has been prohibited in Minnesota. This <br />tall if left untrimmed, spreads to woodlands via <br />and other native vegetation by crowding ther. <br />approximately thirty percent. Walking throug <br />density and many thorns. Buckthorns bark, leav, <br />WHEREAS, Edina has become home to a sign <br />private property as hedges and as wild growth <br />property; and <br />WHEREAS, the City of Edina has been work <br />public property and has enlisted volunteers ai <br />VanValkenberg Park, Bredesen Park and the ( <br />Voters and Edina Garden Club have distribute( <br />area residents; and <br />WHEREAS, the areas of greatest buckthorn <br />Forester. The designated target areas are bout <br />Gleason Road, Highway 62 and the Soo Line R <br />WHEREAS, autumn is an easy time to identify <br />on colorful fall foliage or drop their leaves. T <br />have a community wide removal effort involvi <br />THEREFORE, I, Dennis F. Maetzold, by virtue <br />Edina do hereby proclaim the week of October <br />BUCKTHORN <br />and urge all citizens to take part in removing <br />effort to remove the weed by both the City and <br />also benefit by using designated trees services <br />removed buckthorn. <br />IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set <br />affixed this 17th day of September in the year <br />TION <br />WEEK <br />red a noxious weed by the State of Minnesota, and <br />LCE popular hedge material, which grows 20-25 feet <br />xd 3 and waters. Buckthorn eliminates wildflowers <br />DU . Buckthorn infestation reduces songbirds by <br />a Pbuckthom thicket is impossible because of its <br />berries are toxic; and <br />t amount of buckthorn which can be found on <br />iturally wooded landscapes as well as on public <br />:)r several years to reduce buckthorn levels on <br />ty employees to work at Braemar Golf Course, <br />a Trust property. The Edina League of Women <br />r 3000 buckthorn removal' informational fliers to <br />ife ation have been identi4d by the Edina City <br />by -494, Highway 169 and Beason Road and I-494, <br />ro and <br />)rn, which remains green while other trees take <br />t effective way to rid E ina of buckthorn is to <br />is and private lands. <br />authority vested in me s Mayor of the City of <br />gh 11, 2002 as <br />TEMENT WEEK <br />thorn from the City of E4ina through a focused <br />Tina residents. Residents in the targeted area may <br />will be offering reduced group rates for hauling <br />ind and caused the Seal of the City of Edina to be <br />Lord two thousand two. 'I <br />Dennis F. Maetzold, Mayor <br />