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RESOLUTION NO. 2002-96 <br />A RESOLUTION Al <br />OF CURB AND <br />4511 L <br />WHEREAS, Timothy J. & Kim M. <br />installment payments for curb and gutte <br />Edina; and <br />WHEREAS, the curb and gutter chi <br />WHEREAS, the assessment to be <br />year, plus 6.5 % interest, for the ten year F <br />WHEREAS, Edina Code Section 1 <br />request the Council to make curb and guts <br />WHEREAS, the Council may, by r( <br />be spread over a term of up to ten years; a <br />- WHEREAS, the unpaid balance sh; <br />on special assessments and the amount <br />with interest in the same manner as othe <br />upon the property until paid. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, the Council <br />specially assessed as requested by the pro <br />Adopted this 15tb day of October, 2 <br />ATTEST: <br />City Clerk <br />STATE OF MINNESOTA ) <br />COUNTY OF HENNEPIN )SS <br />CITY OF EDINA ) <br />NG INSTALLATI <br />IMP. NO. 2002-96 <br />DRIVE <br />s, 4511 Lakeview Di <br />Lot 1, Block 6, Golf <br />are in the amount of � <br />ied for collection wo <br />2003 - 2013; and <br />2, Subd. 3B allows a <br />arges payable by instz <br />ion, provide the curb <br />I b ar interest at the rate <br />rti ied to the County A <br />sp cial assessments and <br />authorizes the curb and <br />er owner at 4511 Lakevj <br />CERTIFICATg OF <br />1, the undersigned duly appointed and acting <br />certify that the attached and foregoing Rdsolt <br />Council at its Regular Meeting of October 15 <br />said Regular Meeting. <br />WITNESS my hand and seal of said City this <br />City Hall <br />4801 WEST 50TH STREET <br />EDINA, MINNESOTA 55424-1394 <br />;ity Clerk for the City ( <br />ion was duly adopted <br />2002, and as recorded <br />day of <br />have requested <br />,ace Heights, in <br />0.00; and <br />be $600.00 per <br />lerty owner to <br />nt; and <br />gutter charges <br />ed by the City <br />for collection <br />become a lien <br />tter charges be <br />Drive. <br />yor <br />Edina do hereby <br />y the Edina City <br />z the Minutes of <br />,20— <br />City <br />20 <br />City Clerk <br />(952) 927-8861 <br />FAX (952) 826-0390 <br />TDD (952) 826-0379 <br />