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A PROC <br />WHEREAS, the right to vote for law-makinrep <br />cornerstone of the world's large t co <br />WHEREAS, election judges are gatekeepers o t <br />integrity, dignity and accuracy t ma' <br />impartial elections; and <br />WHEREAS, Minnesota is renowned for e <br />dedication, and professionalis c <br />community; and <br />WHEREAS, generations of election judges h ve c <br />honest and impartial manner thot <br />--citizenbased society and govern ent; <br />WHEREAS, twenty-eight thousand election 'ud€ <br />support democracy by matching orc <br />WHEREAS, election judges are essential to in ure <br />which our nation and state were our <br />NOW, THEREFORE, I, Dennis F. Maetzold, ay <br />Tuesday, November 5, 2002, shal be <br />ELECTION JUDGE ] <br />in the State of Minnesota. <br />TION. <br />ives and an indepe <br />S democracy; and <br />voting process, uph <br />ain public trust and <br />lity of elections be <br />citizens who serve <br />insistently provided put <br />t formal recognition of <br />and <br />- e�7 <br />judiciary is the <br />election laws with <br />!nce in honest and <br />of the training, <br />neighbors and <br />service in a patient, <br />it primary role in a <br />s will work to the best f their ability and <br />with deeds during the ele tion; and <br />iat the principles of freed m and liberty upon <br />ed endure. <br />- of the City of Edina, do ereby proclaim that <br />bserved as: <br />TIONI DAY <br />Mayor Dennis F. Maetzold <br />