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6M <br />o <br />f <br />A PROC <br />WHEREAS, over half a million Americans <br />related causes; and <br />WHEREAS, every man, woman and child in <br />of unnecessary health care, e: <br />productivity resulting from sub <br />WHEREAS, every person in the State of <br />abuse; and <br />WHEREAS, prevention and treatment efforts <br />more and more alcohol, tobacco <br />WHEREAS, the color red has been chosen <br />efforts to reduce demand for a <br />WHEREAS, business, government, law e <br />organizations, neighborhoods, <br />encouraged to demonstrate thf <br />tobacco and other drug abuse <br />Minnesota Chemical Health We <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that <br />MINNESOTA CHET <br />throughout the City of Edina. <br />BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the May( <br />the activities sponsored by the <br />Ribbon Project, and The Great <br />Edina to participate in all Min <br />alcohol and drug abuse preventio <br />TION <br />this year from alcohol, t*acco and other drug - <br />ca pays nearly $1,000 ann ally to cover the costs <br />w enforcement, auto accients, crime, and lost <br />abuse; and <br />is affected by alcohol, tobacco and other drug <br />made major gains in reve ing the trend toward <br />ther drug use in our comm nities; and <br />nt individual and coira1unity commitment to <br />other drugs in our com unities; and <br />;nt, schools, religious institutions, service <br />senior citizens, and offier individuals are <br />iitment to help reduce Euid prevent alcohol, <br />ring and/or displaying he color red during <br />18 - 24, 2002, be declared <br />HEALTH VYTEK <br />Council Members of the ity of Edina support <br />esota Chemical Health eek, MADD's Red <br />ican Smokeout and enco rage the citizens of <br />Chemical Health Week activities and other <br />is year round. <br />Denn# F. Maetzold, Mayor <br />