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�- " o I• M�� eM <br />AN ORDINANCE AMENDING SE( <br />TO INCREASE THE FEE FOR <br />THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF EDINA OR <br />Section 1. The following described fee of <br />Code is amended to read as follows: <br />SEC. SUBSEC. PURPOSE OF FnE/CHARGE <br />1325 1325.03 Tobacco Sale License $: <br />Section 2. This ordinance shall be in fi <br />publication. <br />First Reading: February 1, 1993 <br />Second Reading: February 16, 1993 <br />Published in the Edina Sun -Current on February <br />ATTEST: <br />City Clerk <br />185 OF THE CITY <br />-CO SALE LICEN'r <br />A to <br />AMOUNT <br />Wo per location <br />force and effect i <br />1993 <br />1 185 of the ( <br />FEE NO. <br />280 <br />passage <br />