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ORD <br />ANCE NO. 1993 - <br />Side <br />Side <br />AN ORDINANCE AME <br />ING SUBSECTI <br />N 850.19 OF <br />Yard <br />CITY CODE (AUTC <br />MOBILE PARKIN <br />DISTRICT) <br />10' <br />THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CIT <br />Y OF EDINA OR <br />AINS: <br />I Other St <br />Section 1. Subsection 850.19 o <br />the City Code is he <br />by amended t <br />read as follows: <br />"850.19 Automobile Par <br />g District (APD) <br />Side <br />Side <br />Subd. 11 Principal <br />ses. <br />Street <br />Yard <br />A. Parkin <br />lots. <br />35'* <br />20'* <br />B. Drive -t <br />rough bankini faci <br />ities. <br />greater. <br />Subd. 2 <br />Subd. 3 <br />ConditionUses. <br />A. Parkin ramps and garages <br />Requireme is for Setbacks. <br />A. Parkin Lots. <br />Interior <br />Fro <br />Side <br />Side <br />Stre <br />t <br />Street <br />Yard <br />20' <br />20' <br />10' <br />B. Parking <br />amps, Garages an <br />I Other St <br />Interior <br />Fron <br />Side <br />Side <br />Street <br />Street <br />Yard <br />35'* <br />35'* <br />20'* <br />* or <br />building height i <br />greater. <br />Subd. 4, Special Req irements. In additi n to the g <br />described in Subsection 85 .07, the following s ecial requ. <br />Rear <br />Yard <br />10' <br />Rear <br />Yard <br />20'* <br />1 requirements <br />nts shall apply. <br />