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AN ORDINANCE AMEN <br />TO INCREASE <br />THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE C <br />Section 1. The following de <br />read as follows: <br />SEC. SUBSEC. PURPOSE( <br />1020 1020.02 False autom, <br />INANCE NO. 1 <br />3 EDINA COD <br />FOR FALSE <br />OF EDINA, M <br />,ed fee of Schedl <br />alarm <br />Section 2. This ordinances all be in full force <br />First Reading: December 29, 1993 <br />Second Reading: Waived <br />Published in the Edina Sun -Cu rent on Januar <br />ATTEST: <br />_� ,� <br />. <br />City Clerk <br />►3-15 <br />SECTION 185 SCH: <br />ITOMATIC ALARM <br />dNESOTA ORDAII\ <br />t A to Code Sectior. <br />AMOUNT <br />$95.00 for the <br />third and each <br />subsequent <br />response <br />nd shall take effect o <br />;DULE A <br />S: <br />185 is amended to <br />FEE NO. <br />220 <br />i January 1, 19+- <br />12, <br />9 . <br />12, 1994 <br />W, S k <br />Mayor <br />