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Einu%as of the proceedings of the Village Counoil of the <br />Village of Edina at; a re,gLLarmeeting thereof hard on %he 11th day <br />Of IhY 19180 6. <br />!me hiouncil met; at the Hall and ms called to orrjler by thQ Pmslden% B.T. <br />The mad and bridge committee reporPied on the petition of R.C.EIoom fox? a <br />mereon, Allmembera being present, The minutes of the Pe@aPmeofAng of&rgl 13th <br />and $he spacial meetings of April 2Pth wrd Wy 4thrrere read an8 rtpprovod. <br />road on %he north ana south mater line of the IT.@. 1/4 of Section 8 Tmshlp 116 <br />Ranm 21 a118 statca that in their opinion a mad along the line as sfatsr2 in tba petti- <br />tion WOUILI be too expensive. R.C.Noore ms present at %he meeting and atatad tbt if <br />the eoumilmuld ta%e the propor staps 9;o acquire the right of my fos the rod, that <br />he would pay for the right of vay a3ld also for the grading. %0 matter was again refersd <br />to %be mad <br />Ur Hoognar roquaattzit that Aurora avenue be graded north.02 #th street in <br />aecor&mcs with an agroemext of the Villa- Council in 1916 in cronalaemtion of a <br />deed from Irlr, Hoogner aW others for one half of %&e stpee%, The matter m3 liefered <br />to the road and bridge comittse. <br />Park, for a sidewalk on the west side of Broobide avenue from the rnoirth limits of Jc: <br />Edina to the right of my of the llimaapoli8 and St Paul Suburban R.R* fight 02 <br />m.~. Idre Hazzard andUr. Uorse, residen-s of St Lou50 Park, mer% present and stat& <br />that a like petition had been pm~mtea eo the St LOU$$ Park Council for their part <br />of the valk, !Phe petition was refered to ?he road and bridge committee. <br />Nr Xills asked for some gravel on the east side of Brookside avenue $us% <br />north of the Lucius station. Befered to the road and bridge cornnittee. <br />The question of widening Brookside avenue ms taken up anti figures vera <br />su3mitted by %he pragerty. owners whose frontage would be effected, as fo1lovs:- <br />I3,V.Harris otnzing 310 feet front sulmitted 0956.80 as thO amount of damgas he nonM <br />expact if %Ee neat siae of Brookside avenue mas extended south to the Inlierlachsn <br />Boulevard oszd $65OOeO if the nes% line ma Joged east 10 feet* <br />Brookside avenue vas extentled to the Intsrjlachen Boulevard and $250.00 if' %here <br />vas a ld Soot Jognrade in the otreelt, <br />John Jorgensen owning 439 feet front asked $1000000 for ZBe lad ad <br />0700*00 dwws to the improvements if the west side of Brookside avenu@ vas <br />extended to the Intsrlschen Boulevard and $650.00 for the la apd $350.00 for <br />improvement8 if them mas a 10 foot jog mate in the street. <br />Eirs John Jorgensen owning 240 feet front asked $4'5.00 for the land if the <br />west side of Brookside avenue ms extended to the Interlachen Boulevard and $275.00 <br />if there was a 10 foot jog rmle in the street. <br />Tmstee Rerrett We a motion that %he question oddamages be laid on the <br />tablo until the June meeting. Garried. <br />Trustee Vind m&e a motion that the president appoint a comittge of 3 to <br />confergith the Dm PatchEngineer and find out if their vest right of my fence <br />is on the west line of %heir property betmeen the south line of Brookside Terrace <br />aad the Interlachen Bouleva@d. The motion carriea and the prasident appointed <br />C.B.Parmcey, Geo.D.Vess6y awl S.C,Hemett. <br />have petitioned the Village Council of thb Villago of E+iina, to lay a sidemlk on <br />the vest side of Elmel. zvenue from Bomingside Rotzd to a poirmP; 300 fae't n0rth.o.E <br />2Jorningside Road and %bat the necsssary resolution be pawed to give effect thereto, <br />ROV therefore be it r0eo'LPed by the Village council of the Village of Ediw that <br />a cement sidmld 4 feet vide bo and the same is heraby ordered to be constructed <br />ox the vest s9de of Elmer avenue from Morningside Road to a point 300 feet north of <br />Xorningsidts Road. Trustee Herrett made a motion that the clerk gat bids for the sidemalT9 ox <br />Elmer avenne. carried <br />lpbe follming resolution vas passedg lEBREAS, on the 13th day of April 1918 <br />H.J.&udsen vas, by resolution, appofntad Raad Patrolman for the Villas of Edia <br />and has reRzaed to accept the position Be if RESOLVED, 5% Geosge Hersstt be ern;ployed <br />as Rod Pa%rolmaZl for the Village of Edimat a salary of $150.00 per monthfrom the <br />15th day of&y to the 15th day of November 1918; one half of said salzrg to be paid <br />by the Vfllage of minz ard one half of said salaPg to be gpaid by the Comty Boar4 <br />of COm%y. The duties of said Road Patrolman vi11 bo to do road mrk on <br />rmds aesignated by Village Councll azd approveil by the County Board. Said Road- <br />fa%mlmm to devo%a all of his time with team to said mork. <br />bridge conimittee . <br />B petition signed by 60 rseidents of 3rooksids in the Viflage of St Loafs <br />G.LSachs ovinins 90 feet front asked $500.00 dmagcss if the nest side of <br />Imstse Tessey offered the following resolution and moved its adoption, <br />I%IEREAS a majority of the property omem on the vest side of Elmer avome <br />The resolution was passedo <br />.