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The meetinp :~as called to order by the President, B, T. <br />Emerson, all members being present. <br />The minu"ces of %he meeting of Augusti 10th tcTere read and, <br />' on motion, approved, <br />Phillip Baclmm appeared before the Cowzcll and requested that inmaking the appropriation for 1919 the ~ouncil consider mpzwvfng Xerses Avenue. The matter was refferred to the corn- <br />mfttee of %hi? vhole, <br />J. C, Pears@ appeared before the councfl and requested %hat a cross rmlk be put acboss JIorslingsEde road on the vest side of fiance Avenue. Tms'cee Vesscy mrde a moLiovz that the TequesL be grant&* Yotion carried, <br />A petktlon for 8 curb and gut;ter on the nest side of Grocker Avenue from rlorningside Road to 8. point 300 feet a?or)th v3.s pre- senked, signed by seven p~operty omners. %e pe%%%ion also ask- <br />ed for an electric ligM on Crocfrer Avenue at a point 250 Pee% north of IIornTngslde Road, <br />On motLon of Trustee Vesssy the petition vas rejected. <br />A connumication vas receivgd from Job Jorgensen in rThic'il he stated %ha% he vould accept $550.00 damages $*or 8 fLf%y POOL road on Brookside Avenus, measured from tihe Dan Patch fence, <br />Trsustee Wind mde a motion that %he question of BrooksLde <br />Avenue bc left open until definite information had been receaa- from the su-rveyo-r, IIotfon carried. <br />Avenue Sokh *on Ffftieth Street to F€f%y-Ffrst Streek . Zot%on <br />carried, <br />The folloi-:ing bills vere aubfted and alloved: <br />Trustee Herrett mads a motion that the Village g~ase2. R-ance <br />James Ryan L Hanson <br />E. Shepherd <br />E. Berglund <br />17. Be%tschar% <br />!kck Petemon B. S. Joy George Rerrett <br />Npls. Gen'l Elec. Go, Bren Bros. Bertelson Bros e John Klopp Js'm Lilja <br />riobert Eatson ?'in. Bettschart <br />5; Hanson <br />Xack Peterson James Ryan FI, S. Joy ~ohn A. Petepson & Son <br />George Hem&% <br />George Vess ey <br />S. C. Hem&% <br />B. T. Emerson <br />Road vork It 11 <br />1t It <br />li I? <br />l! 11 <br />t? If <br />Sidewalk and ~trall <br />Road pnBrolmn Committee work Road vork Board of Reviesv