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4 delepatton from Pendelseohn was present inquiring about the <br />~pcr,:r@ Qf 4th petitioaed for ,a meeting mas planned f~%r thhe r~ilc?-uting S~i~~d9.y for the mad cormittee tcr wet v;it.'n them. <br /><~*P,s, J,Th?el~n 8:ns przsent and made another requesl; for w st,r*eet, <br />r: the For411 end of Thielen Ave. Onn-iotim 'it RRS allowed snd the <br />Clerk ir?etr+uctqed to h%ve it installed. <br />Kr :;ickliind ~ms: present s.bout opening %est 49th Ztreet ,*~n$ 5:fXed <br />il it. r.-t<~e opened wou1d it be assessed to the property cmners,Rn? <br />he'exyected >them igho did not appear the matter was laid over <br />until1 Inter, , <br />The Cle-rk vtlf3s instructed to publish notzce ' to sidewalk contaract- <br />OPS for bide on the walk from Vooddale to France Avenues.Eids Lo <br />be opened Tept.25th 1926 at.the Grange Hall. <br />Onlotion the Clerk P-S instructed to wite to Street Car Co.theg m~y place their fence on the edge Df the nevr grade on Yotor Street. as <br />A petit.lon was pAesented to extend .laterman Street along the South <br />l:l--te of lots 23 3c 24 and North line of 25 % 26 in MendelEsohn Add. <br />On motion nas accepted for consideration and investigatlon. <br />nr T- 7 <br />requested. <br />As this '8s the time for the annual Village to be rnade,after duly cqpldeping the vork and expense of an other year it VJBS r~oved by <br />Tinl>stc? Prescott seem %-/ ed by -- Trustee \illson the ievy be made <br />$2 0,000.00, c a pried. <br />Kr.l?radlEy of the Village Engineer's office was present mith %n <br />estimate of grading the proposed street (Gloucester Ave) betweep <br />France and l3aLifax Aves-from 50th to 52nd Street,a 60 foot skrebt <br />full nidth at $2577.00 and 30 foot street turnglked <br />estimate igns accepkted and the matter to be refe'med to tne peti- <br />tioners later. <br />Eenton Ave bridge be advanced one half of the contract price or <br />'d i'940.84 to be paid from the Village funds,the Village to be reim- <br />bursed out of the $2,000.00 mhich the Mpls .Northfield k Sauthern <br />R~ilmay is to pay the Village for the bridge. <br />Plumbers permits of $4.25 and $1; from J.I:.Scott for cutting the <br />street at the new School housexhas turned over to the Treasurer. <br />600. the <br />-It n'as moved and carried the contractor 1Sr Frank Jabot for the <br />A?ter duly considering the road and other bills they were allowed. <br />fi <br />Bills on the following page.