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238 \ A <br />MINUTES <br />COUNCIL OF THE THEREOF - <br />OF THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE VILLAGE <br />VILLAGE OF EDINA AT A REGULAR EBEETINO <br />HELD ON TPHE 9th DAY OF APRIL <br />I927 <br />Ppsident S,K.Strong called the meeting to order at 2: P,M. in the Grange Hall. All members present, <br />Minutes of t,he last meeting mere read and approve& <br />The Clerk reported that Miss Mary Newberg was villing to accept <br />$75. per gear and signed to pen&'-shed room and space for the Vil- <br />lage tool house. <br />It was reported that Nirs.Brown mas moved from the Soilerberg home to 2544 Aldrich Ave.S. and $2,00 was advanced for groceries and <br />the Clerk was authorized to biL1L the City for all expences in- <br />cured in Mrs .Brovin's behalf. <br />BAr,Hibbs of the Bm.H,Ziegler Co.was present on the tractor pro- <br />position,said they mere willing to send out the tractor on appro- <br />val and the Village Council to be the sole judges of its desirability - <br />aC etc. It mas moved by Trustee C.F.Prescott and seconded by Trustee <br />H,J.Hnudsen the President to sign the contract under these conditions# <br />motion prevailed. <br />Mr.Mabbot and Mr Tiestergard of the Minneapolis General Electric Co. <br />viere present with the same lighting proposition that was laid on <br />the table,they were told that steps were being taken to adopt a home <br />rule charter and a mass meeting was called for April 22,%27,and the matter might be taken up at that time to ascertain the attitude of of the people if the attendance warranted and there was time. <br />Cornplait being made to some members of the Council of ILr Chris Moe <br />doing blacxsmith work on sunday in his shop at 5040 France AveS. <br />thereby disturbing the peace of near by residentc,on motion the Clerk instructed to notify MrLMoe that the Village ordinance pro- <br />hibited such disturbances on Sunday: <br />- <br />Trustee C .F,Prescott offered the folloming resolutiorl. <br />BHEEIEAS,the laws of the State of Minnesota governing villages of <br />the 4th class found in Section 79,Article 4,Of the Village Code <br />provides- that villagen having both a population of not .less than <br />6903~qd38n assessed valuation not less than I.50O,O0O1 that the salary of the president be fixed ~35.00 per rnon$h and the salary of each trustee 25.00 per month,and <br />Tibereas,the Village of Edina had $n the gear of i920 a population <br />of I833,and $926 assessed valuation is well above 1,500,000 as required,non therefore <br />BE IT RESOLVED,that the President receive a salary of G35.per month <br />and each Trustee receive $25.per month beginning April 1927. Trustee Geo A. Billson seconded the foregoing resoLbfion,on motion <br />there were 4 ayes and no nays,and it was declared adopted. <br />Mr. VI,! Hell,hW.Bjorkman Fere present in the interest of openfng E.49th Street,mere told the Committee were unable to see !fir, Thorpe <br />buk mould keep on trying. <br />A letter from the State Tax Commission was read stating they would <br />hold a meeting here early in May regarding the assessing real estate <br />this year. Surety The &sesgcT'sAbond of D,F.McGuire to the Village vas presented and <br />on motion accepted. <br />On motion the. time of the Council meetings vas changed from 2: Ph, to 7130 P,M.beginnfng with the Mag meeting. <br />@r.N,L.Clark was present asking if the Village would fix his ppi- vate road,about 400 feet if he-vould pay for it,was told we Eere <br />very busy with Vfllage roads at present but could perhaps do it <br />about August or later,which was satisfactory to him. <br />e <br />Nr.A,%ebber was present with wage 6cales from different places, <br />thought the men should have more aages,After discussion it vas <br />moved Trustee Rillson seconded by Trustee Prescott the scale be <br />set at 454 per hour for men and 90$ for man and team,and 8 hours per day, carried. 0