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.. Msiinutes of the ApMl meeting were read' and approved. <br />and Miss %wberg-vras epppoved and ordered- signed . . , <br />AGREEMENT,made this- 21st day of April I927 by and &tween the <br />duly elected officers of the Village of Edlna,Hennep€n County, <br />minnesota,and Miss Mary Nevberg, <br />PEhereas it is necessary to move the tool house belonging to the <br />Village and more shed POO~ is necessary to house thk snow fence <br />and other material,and I'ihereas PAiss.NePJberg expressed her vdllir&iess to rea% shed room <br />and space for the Village Ptool kouse,as designated by her,and mereas, the Village of Edina agrees to keep the tool house in <br />good repair and tools housed in proper manner,vith as little- <br />dfsturbance as possible,and it beirig further agreed that the <br />Village shall have the right to move the tool house amay at any <br />any time,rent being pa€d,the tool house shall be congidered the <br />property of the Village at all times. ,. <br />* NO3 TEEREFORE,for the above named benefits the Viilage of Edina <br />agrees to pay Miss.Nembe,rg the sum of $75.00 per year,pagable. <br />semi annually,about Mag and DecembeP of each gear. <br />On motion the following agreemen< between the Village of Edina m- <br />4. <br />.. <br />TMs agreement ahall remain in effect until1 terminated by 30 dags notice by either party <br />. <br />Signed. S.K,Strong,President. <br />E. T .Edson, Recorder <br />Ma~y Newberg. a ana. <br />President Strong reported the mass meeting held at the School-. <br />house on April 22,-27,about 55 persons were presentsand MP. Anderson of the University of iklinnesota and Mr,Harvey Balker <br />of' the League of Municipalities were present. <br />Mr.Anderson explained the advantages of a Home Rule Chart& and answered questions Mr, Valker spoke of the limited povers. of the Council ander the present statutes,and also answered questions Every one seemed in favor of adopting a home rule chapter and <br />motions mere made and petitions circulated to that effect.and <br />committees were named to canvass the Village for signers. <br />Trustee Rillson reported on trying to see Miss Elsie Hankw about securing the right of mag across her property in the <br />intepest of the Sundquist petition and found her avay,but the <br />people said they would mite to her. <br />Mr.H,H.Lavarre & Mr.Empanger and okhers were present about grading <br />4th Street 86 petitioned some time ago,rrere told me Would tky to <br />do some grading when it was possible. <br />A petition was presented for 4 lights one on Nelson Ave & John <br />Street,one on John Street and Seth Ave, one on Seth Ave. dz <br />Grove Street and one on Seth Ave. and Little Street,all in fiendelssohn Add, On motion it was referred to the road Corn. <br />for cons1 de rati on <br />Mr,F,Garrison and others requested that a road be opened an the <br />the Bush Lake Road,on motion the request xas accepted and refer- <br />red to the Road Com,foP investigation. <br />Mrs .B.A,McCaughey petittoned the COuncLl to lay sidewalk and curb <br />a& her property at,. %"Jest 44th Street and Browndale A;ve.and assess <br />costa also remove dip$ to lay the walk,on motion %Z:was accepted <br />and the work ordered done, <br />. South line of the North half of Section 8.running Yes% from