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244 \ <br />The folloning bills were audited and on motion allowed, <br />Road bills <br />E.S.Joy, St.Com <br />Frank Roberts team Harry Jens en <br />John Tracy <br />John Cos tello <br />A.?ebber <br />Jerry Collins <br />Harry Vanatt a S.J.Roberts <br />Standard Oil Go. - T~OMELS Ryan <br />Em .Mas ec <br />Claus Johnson <br />P,JICaroline, fumigators <br />i;,F.Garvey Hdw <br />Mpls General Electric S.K,.Strong <br />E .T .Eds on <br />5. J .Knuds e n c .F*Prescott <br />Geo A.?iillson <br />Art Petersen Jan;es Blake M.D. <br />Lavirence T .Hemell Tm H,Z&egler CO <br />t!8 <br />n <br />tt <br />labor <br />tt <br />u <br />ft Joseph Collins n <br />223 days 2e plankipoats $114~50 <br />I76 hrs at 90d road wk. I58,40 <br />I76 <br />176. <br />I76 <br />I76 hrs at 454 <br />I7 6 <br />176 <br />17I$ hrs at 60p! tractor <br />1655 P <br />< gas,grease % etc <br />IO0 yards gravel <br />0 <br />pa <br />50 <br />70 . ordered by Dr.Blake <br />nails pick & jug straet lights ,May, <br />president salary. June <br />clerks salary SC bond <br />trustee 's salary, June <br />fir R <br />constable's quarantines 3c releases <br />Mrs McCaLghey's sidewalk tractor and equipment <br />Alexander k Eradleg ?V.F.Garvey,kgent <br />running center line ,Cent.Ave pyt on lots in Fairfax <br />I58 40 <br />I58 -40 <br />158.40 <br />79.20 <br />79 e20 <br />79.20 <br />IO2 e90 <br />99 sa0 <br />33.47 <br />25.90 <br />12 .so <br />I7 *SO <br />I e80 I e60 49.71 <br />35.00 <br />62.50 <br />25.00 <br />25 . 00 <br />25.00 <br />IO. 00 <br />178 00 <br />254. I3 <br />2485 a00 <br />10.00 . <br />30 .OO <br />Total for month $ 4,469.II <br />.&?&kk. No fin4,her business meeting adjourned <br />Recorder <br />Minutes of the Board of Review meeting held on the 27th of <br />June in the grange Hall. President S.K.Strong,Clerk E.T ,Edson 3 Assessor G.F.McGuire were present at 9: A,iV*and remained in session till 7 ?.X, k the Clerk and Assessor untfll 9: P,N. <br />The assessrrent &-personal property was gone over thoroughly <br />and very fev; changes ;Fiere made. It was found that there veTe <br />according to the assessor's figures $135,440 new bulidings in <br />the Country Club Dist. and$30,030 <br />a totzl of $60,470 nes buildings since last assessment. <br />After vTeriing the assessment the Board 'c'as satisfied it 58s as <br />fair as could be and the books were signed and the -meetfng <br />in the rest of Edlna making <br />adjourned. ZdZ&- <br />Recorder.